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A Jupyter kernel for Coq.

You can try it online in Binder.



Make sure that CoqIDE (8.6 or newer) is installed and coqidetop or coqidetop.opt (coqtop for Coq versions before 8.9.0) is in your PATH. Also, make sure the python command is recognized on your machine. If not you can set up an alias for it e.g. python-is-python3 on Ubuntu.

Install with MAKE

All commands are run from the top level repo of this folder - where the Makefile lives.

Install from PyPi:


Install from locally checked out source code:

make install-local


make uninstall

Step-by-Step Install

Install with pip:

pip install coq-jupyter
python -m coq_jupyter.install

Uninstall with pip:

jupyter kernelspec uninstall coq
pip uninstall coq-jupyter

Alternatively, use Conda to install both coqidetop and coq_jupyter. For this, install Conda (either Anaconda, Miniconda, Minimamba) and do:

$ conda config --add channels conda-forge 
$ conda create -n coq coq-jupyter
$ conda activate coq


There are number of convenience improvements over standard Jupyter notebook behaviour that are implemented to support Coq-specific use cases.

By default, running cell will rollback any code that was executed in that cell before. If needed, this can be disabled on a per-cell basis (using Auto rollback checkbox).

Manual cell rollback is also available using Rollback cell button (at the bottom of executed cell) or shortcut (Ctrl+Backspace).

coqtop arguments

Use --coqtop-args to supply additional arguments to coqidetop/coqidetop.opt/coqtop when installing kernel. In this case you might also want to set custom kernel name/display name using --kernel-name/--kernel-display-name.

For example, to add kernel that instructs coqidetop to load /workspace/init.v on startup:

python -m coq_jupyter.install --kernel-name=coq_with_init --kernel-display-name="Coq (with init.v)" --coqtop-args="-l /workspace/init.v"


Give feedback with issues or gitter, send pull requests. Also check out for instructions.

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