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FakerAndroid (FakerAndroid.jar or FakerAndroid-AS)

A tool translate a apk file to stantard android project include so hook api and il2cpp c++ scaffolding when apk is a unity il2cpp game.


  • Write code on a apk file elegantly.
  • The Apk file can be directly converted into Android project for secondary development, supporting so hook. For the game of il2cpp, APK directly generates il2cpp C++ scaffolding
  • What's more to say about transforming the painful reverse environment into a comfortable development environment, saying goodbye to assembly and binary~


  • Stantard AndroidStudio android project generated
  • Original java class usage or cover it by compileable java code
  • Hook Api offered for hooking .so method
  • When apk is a il2cpp game il2cpp c++ scaffoding generated
  • Back compilation voluntary when there is a modification of smali files(AndroidStudio project file tree model)
  • Unlimited possibilities and expansibility. You has the final say



  • Download FakerAndroid.jar(2020/11/15/16:52:00)
  • cmd cd <FakerAndroid.jar base dir>
  • cmd java -jar FakerAndroid.jar fk <apkpath> (project will be generated in the same dir of the orininal apk) or java -jar FakerAndroid.jar fk <apkpath> -o <outdir>
  • Demojava -jar FakerAndroid.jar fk D:\apk\test.apk or java -jar FakerAndroid.jar fk D:\apk\test.apk -o D:\test

Or Usage

  • Download
  • AS->File-Settings->Plugin->SettingIcon->InstallPlugin Plugin From Disk->Restart As
  • AS->File->FakerAndroid->Choose your apk file

Secondary development course

1Open the project
  • By Android studio File->open-><generated project root>
  • Keep the root dir build.gradle file depends,don't upgrate or modify it
  • Set project ndk base version 21 best
  • A little modification will be needed by yourself when the res or AndroidManifest.xml can't pass the compiler
2Debug or run the project
  • With a testing machine conected
  • Run
  • Original java class call
    With the help of javaScaffoding write your java code to call original class in app moudle(app/src/main/java)
  • Original java class replacement
    Write java code in moudle appapp/src/main/java,keep the class name and package name corresponding same as the original class
  • Smali increament building
    When there is a smali files mod,there is a least files builing
  • So Hook
    With the help of fakeCpp api use jni hook the so method
  • Il2cpp unity script development
    With the help of il2cpp Scaffolding and fakeCpp api,use jni have a modification of il2cpp game script

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