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SRePlay (Strict RePlay)

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Burpsuite Plugin to bypass RePlay protection


  • Burpsuite

How to Install

Download Latest Jar from Release and add in burpsuite extender

What it does

It is design for a scenario where we can't replay requests more than once as the request is getting Token from previous request's response and also when we can't make request with macros to get the token

  • It will extract the value of token from the last response and automatically update the request with the new token on the fly

Usage Guide

The detailed usage guide can be found SRePlay - Bypass Replay Protection.

How it works

  • Provide Host URL
  • Provide Response parameter name
  • Provide Request parameter name
  • Provide Parameter Initial Value
  • Press Start SRePlay

SRePlay in Action


  • Will only work with single thread on Scanner and Intruder

Tested on

  • Burpsuite 2021.4
  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu & PopOS


  • Multi-session / threading support

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