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This is a demo app designed with the fascinating and modern Google's Material Design. It was created using design support library to show how to implement material design in apps. It covers many material design components, such as:

  • NavigationView
  • CoordinatorLayout
  • AppBarLayout
  • CollapsingToolbarLayout
  • NestedScrollView
  • TabLayout
  • FloatingActionButton
  • SnackBar
  • SwipeRefreshLayout
  • RecyclerView
  • CardView
  • TextInputLayout
  • BottomSheetDialog
  • SharedElementTransitions
  • BottomNavigationView
  • ConstraintLayout
  • Chips
  • BottomAppBar
  • Material Buttons
  • Adaptive icon
  • App shortcuts

Please see my another App: Material Design 2 which is designed with MD2 using Androidx Libraries and Material Components.

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Open Source Licenses:

Copyright 2016 Eajy  
The product includes:  
Apache License, Version 2.0  
You may obtain a copy of the license at  
Android Support Library  
Copyright © 2005 The Android Open Source Project. All rights reserved.  
Copyright © 2014 Google, Inc. All rights reserved.  
Google Material Design Icons  
Copyright © Google, Inc. All rights reserved.

- Designed by Eajy in China.

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