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Dynamite Network Security Monitor

DynamiteNSM is a free Network Security Monitor (NSM), built on top of several leading, enterprise-grade technologies. The tool provides network and cybersecurity operators with holistic insights into their networks while giving them the ability to deep-dive into lower-level activities.

Why DynamiteNSM?

  • Start monitoring your network in minutes. Let DynamiteNSM handle all the complexities of setting up Zeek, Suricata, and ElasticStack.
  • Manage through a single commandline utility. DynamiteNSM is written in Python, and provides a single commandline utility for managing all the components of the NSM.
  • Handle massive volumes of network traffic. DynamiteNSM will automatically detect the best agent configuration for your environment.
  • Deploy in a variety of environments. DynamiteNSM can be easily deployed in different environments including high-speed data centers, small-to-large enterprises, IoT & industrial networks, and even at home.
  • Discover your network through powerful Kibana Dashboards. DynamiteNSM presents powerful dashboards, giving comprehensive view into performance and threat-based metrics.
  • Explore your network in JupyterNotebooks. DynmiateNSM includes the lab component which integrates our SDK with JupyterHub environment, an incredibly powerful way to explore your network.
  • "The quieter you become, the more you can hear." DynamiteNSM is inherently passive and works without disruption to the network.

Installation examples are accelerated for the sake of demo.


Want to learn how to install DynamiteNSM in your own environment? Check out the ReadTheDocs.


DynamiteNSM has been extensively tested on the following Linux distributions.

Packages are available for Python2.7+.

pip install dynamite-nsm

External Configurations

DynamiteNSM depends heavily on a set of default configurations that are updated in parallel with every release.

Dynamite hosts these configurations iin a publically accessible S3 bucket, and the utility will check this location to retrieve the latest configs and mirrors.

Optionally, you can host your own configurations/mirrors for custom deployments.


Let us know what you think! We're constantly looking to improve our software.

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