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Softether Server Auto Installer:

Supports: SoftEther, OpenVPN, IPSEC / L2TP, SSTP, User Management, User Statistics, etc

Softether Auto Installer Multi Platform

  • Softether Auto Installer Script for multi platforms
  • Softether VPN server always latest version
  • Checks for firewalld and add related rules


SoftEther VPN Installer for CentOS & Ubuntu, etc


Run the following one line on your command prompt:

bash <(curl -s

Restart VPN Server:

systemctl restart softether-vpnserver

Stop VPN Server:

systemctl stop softether-vpnserver

Start VPN Server:

systemctl start softether-vpnserver

Enable VPN Server in boot loading:

systemctl enable softether-vpnserver

Disable VPN Server in boot loading:

systemctl disable softether-vpnserver

Management Methods:

1- Using SoftEther VPN Server Manager Application:

Download & Install "SoftEther VPN Server Manager":

Add your Server IP address and connect! Then set an admin password and setup SoftEther VPN ! Enjoy !

2- Using SSH Command Prompt:

Run in terminal:


Press 1 to select "Management of VPN Server or VPN Bridge"

Then press Enter without typing anything to connect to the localhost server, and again press Enter without inputting anything to connect to server by server admin mode.

Then use command below to change admin password:


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