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Gatsby Mail

A proof of concept application that demonstrates a few concepts, namely:

  1. App-like functionality with GraphQL, data fetching, mutations, etc.
  2. Static creation of pages (e.g. /privacy-policy, /terms-of-service, etc.)
  3. Client-side only routes, e.g. dynamic routes
  4. Schema stitching with Github's API (requests ⭐ count at build time!)

🚀 Set up

  • yarn or npm install
  • Request a Github token and give repo full access to the token
  • cat .env.sample > .env.development then paste in your access token from gitub
  • From the .env.development file, replace the GATSBY_OG_APP_ID with a token from a OneGraph account which you must create
  • yarn develop or npm run develop

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