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iOS 11 Camera Permissions Plugin for Apache Cordova

Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin Permission Settings for NSCameraUsageDescription, NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription, NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription and NSMicrophoneUsageDescription in iOS 11 by adding a declaration to the Info.plist file


Latest published version on npm (with Cordova CLI >= 5.0.0)

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ios-camera-permissions --save

Latest version from GitHub

cordova plugin add --save

Customising the message prompts

On installation you can customise the prompts shown by setting the following variables on installation.

  • CAMERA_USAGE_DESCRIPTION for NSCameraUsageDescription
  • MICROPHONE_USAGE_DESCRIPTION for NSMicrophoneUsageDescription
  • PHOTOLIBRARY_ADD_USAGE_DESCRIPTION for NSPhotoLibraryAddUsageDescription (write-access only, iOS 11 only)
  • PHOTOLIBRARY_USAGE_DESCRIPTION for NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription (read/write access)

For example:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ios-camera-permissions --variable CAMERA_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="your usage message" --variable MICROPHONE_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="your microphone usage message here" --variable PHOTOLIBRARY_ADD_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="your photo library usage message here" --variable PHOTOLIBRARY_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="your photo library usage message here" --save



For the changes to plugin.xml to take effect, you must refresh the ios.json file (inside the /plugin folder):

$ cordova platform rm ios
$ cordova platform add ios


Applies to iOS 10/11 only.


[MIT License]

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