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Unofficial frida workbench for VSCode


[*] Optional. Only some of the functionalities rely on it

FlexDecrypt depends on SSH. You need to generate a public key before using it.



Target Selector

User friendly UI

Debug Log

Now supports both iOS syslog and Android logcat!

Debug Log

Download and Apply frida-gum Typing Info



Javascript REPL shortcut

Open and activate an REPL at the bottom. Use the "frida" button at the top of any active js / typescript document, it will send the code to the active REPL.



FlexDecrypt seems to be the best app decryptor so far. It almost act like a static decryptor, without running the actual app. So you don't have to worry about jailbreak detection or abnormal crash. The only problem is that is not so user-friendly, so I intergrated it and even replaced my own tool.

This shortcut requires zip and flexdecrypt to be installed on iDevice. You need to run Install FlexDecrypt command before the first use.


For Android devices, Open Shell is simply a wrapper for adb shell. iOS requires libimobiledevice. This command will automatically launch iproxy at the background and then give you a shell.

There's also a shortcut for copying SSH public key to jailbroken iDevice.

All the SSH related commands take port 22 as the default port. If you are on chekra1n jailbreak, please install OpenSSH on your device.


  • Handle device connection and disconnection. Support remote TCP
  • More Android features
  • More mobile security terminal tools intergration

Release Note:

Please refer to CHANGELOG

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