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Unofficial frida workbench for VSCode


  • Python >= 3.7
  • pip3 install -U frida-tools (If you have more than one python3 in your path, you should config the python path with this pip3 in settings.)
  • SSH client (ssh command) *
  • iTunes on Windows

[*] Optional. Only some of the functionalities rely on it

If you are on Windows, you need to keep iTunes open in order to interact with iOS devices.

FoulDecrypt relies on SSH. You need to generate a public key before using it.



Target Selector

User friendly UI

Debug Log

Now supports both iOS syslog and Android logcat!

Debug Log

Download and Apply frida-gum Typing Info



Javascript REPL shortcut

Open and activate an REPL at the bottom. Use the "frida" button at the top of any active js / typescript document, it will send the code to the active REPL.


FoulDecrypt by NyaMisty is based on FlexDecrypt but with bug fixes. Also there is no unnessary swift code base at all, making the package extremely slim. It almost act like a static decryptor, without running the actual app. So you don't have to worry about jailbreak detection or abnormal crash.

This shortcut requires zip and fouldecrypt to be installed on iDevice. You need to run Install FoulDecrypt command before the first use.


For Android devices, Open Shell is simply a wrapper for adb shell. For iOS it gives a SSH shell.

There's also a shortcut for copying SSH public key to jailbroken iDevice.

All the SSH related commands take port 22 as the default port. If you are on chekra1n jailbreak, please install OpenSSH on your device.


  • More Android features
  • More mobile security terminal tools intergration

Release Note:

Please refer to CHANGELOG

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