PV Free

A public API for PV modeling parameters and pvlib API for learning about solar.


pvfree is moving to Microsoft Azure Cloud b/c Heroku free dyno service will end Nov 28th. Please use from now on to get module and inverter parameters for pvlib and to learn about solar energy modeling.


Browsing to will display a JSON string with the first 20 records. The endpoint and query string to obtain the next set api/pvinverter/?limit=20&offset=20 is contained in the next key of the string as are the endpoints for each inverter. Note: the query string ?format=json is only necessary when using the API url directly in a browser to display the response.


The API is generated by the Tastypie django extension. Add the following endpoints to the base URL,

  • Get first 20 pvinverters.

  • Get first pvinverter.

  • Get pvinverter set containing #'s 2, 3, 5, and 10.

  • Get 100 pvinverters starting from pvinverter # 500.

  • Get pvinverter database schema.


Python Requests

Python has several libraries for interacting with URLs. The Requests package is available from PyPI.

>>> import requests
>>> response = requests.get(';3;5/')
>>> response
  <Response [200]>
>>> response.status_code
>>> response.content
  {"objects": [{"C0": -2.48104842861e-05, "C1": -9.0149429405099999e-05, "C2": 0.00066889632690700005, "C3": -0.018880466688599998, "Idcmax": 10.0, "MPPT_hi": 50.0, "MPPT_low": 20.0, "Paco": 250.0, "Pdco": 259.52205054799998, "Pnt": 0.02, "Pso": 1.7716142241299999, "Sandia_ID": 1399, "Tamb_low": -40.0, "Tamb_max": 85.0, "Vaco": 208.0, "Vdcmax": 65.0, "Vdco": 40.242603174599999, "id": 1, "manufacturer": "ABB", "name": "MICRO-0.25-I-OUTD-US-208", "numberMPPTChannels": 1, "resource_uri": "/api/v1/pvinverter/1/", "source": "CEC", "vintage": "2014-01-01", "weight": 1.6499999999999999}, ...]}
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