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A simple and interesting Framework7 hybrid app.With Cordova you can easily convert it to native iOS app.

React Native

HiApp is also written in React Native. BelinChung/react-native-hiapp

Unlike Cordova, React Native provides bindings for native UI controls which totally outclass HTML-based hybrid solutions. so it is simple to write high-performance UI by React Native.

Build Tools

HiApp use different build tools to build the same project, Hope it will helps you select a suitable build tool.


  • cordova ^9.0.0
  • framework7 ^4.5.0
  • framework7-vue ^4.5.0

To build and run apps, you need to install SDKs for each platform you wish to target.
To check if you satisfy requirements for building the platform:

$ cordova requirements

Requirements check results for ios:
Apple macOS: installed darwin
Xcode: installed 10.3
ios-deploy: installed 1.9.4
CocoaPods: installed 1.7.5


HiApp use npm to manage third-party packages now.

Then install all dependencies, in repo's root:

$ npm install 

Cordova App Guides

Install the cordova as globally.

$ npm install cordova -g

1. Create App

Go to the directory where you maintain your source code, and run a command such as the following:

$ cordova create hiapp com.hiapp.hiapp HiApp

2. Check out source code

Because the Cordova app directory should not already exist, so check out the HiApp source code in this step.

$ cd hiapp  
$ git init   
$ git remote add origin  
$ git fetch  
$ git reset --hard origin/master  

3. Add Platforms

Before you can build the project, you need to specify a set of target platforms.

$ cordova platform add ios --save

4. Add Plugins

You need to add plugins that provide access to core Cordova APIs.

$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-whitelist cordova-plugin-statusbar cordova-plugin-camera cordova-plugin-geolocation cordova-plugin-file-transfer cordova-plugin-inappbrowser cordova-plugin-network-information

5. Build the App

Run the following command to iteratively build the project:

$ npm run build
$ cordova build ios

6. Test the App on an iOS Device with Xcode

  • Using the command
$ cordova run ios
  • Using the Xcode

Double-click to open the platforms/ios/HiApp.xcodeproj file

Press the Run button to deploy the application in the emulator or iOS device

Web App Guides

1. Preview

HiApp use webpack browser sync server to develop, Just run it in repo's root:

$ npm run serve

Web app will be available on http://localhost:3000/

2. Release

$ npm run build

The result is available in www/ folder.



Copyright (c) 2016 - 2019 Belin Chung. MIT Licensed, see LICENSE for details.

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