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RUMBA+ is an updated version of the RUMBA 3D Printer control board, originally developed by RepRapDiscount.

The RUMBA+ update is designed to address several shortcomings with the original design, and improve on the otherwise solid framework it presents. More information on RUMBA is available on the RepRapWiki page here.

Some of the key improvements in the RUMBA+ design include:

  • Full 12/24V Compatibility (original RUMBA had 16V limit on bed)
  • Better, logic-level MOSFETs which generate less heat (can handle higher currents + safer & more reliable)
  • Improved power supply circuitry, including:
    • 5V and 12V regulators completely overhauled for higher current + less heat
    • Automatic power-select between USB or 12/24V
  • Higher quality screw terminals for power input / heated bed (higher current rating + easier to work with heavy-gauge wire)
  • Dozens of smaller changes to improve reliability or performance - refer to the release page for a detailed change history.

RUMBA+ boards are for sale in the Aus3D shop. Additional documentation is available on the Aus3D wiki.

In keeping with the original RUMBA design, RUMBA+ is fully open source.



RUMBA+ Overview


RUMBA+ Photo


RUMBA+ Schematic


RUMBA+ Pinout


RUMBA+ Dimensions


RUMBA+ is fully open source, and may be freely modified or changed by anyone, provided they maintain the license it is released under. The design is free to use for any purpose, including commercial uses. RUMBA+ maintains the GPLv2 license of the original RUMBA board. For more information on this license, please see the included license file.

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