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Golang Example Application

Table of Contents


This is an example golang application. Commands list:

  1. Daemon - main service
  2. Product service - service that returns Product, an example of gRPC client/server interaction
  3. Health check service - this service is needed to show how convenient to understand on which of the services an error occurred in jaeger
  4. Migrate - commands for migration
  5. JWT - commands for generate JWT token

Package list

Packages which use in this example project

  1. sql-migrate - SQL migrations
  2. wire - dependency Injection
  3. viper - environment configuration
  4. cobra - create commands
  5. cast - easy casting from one type to another
  6. gorm - database ORM
  7. zap - logger
  8. mux - http router
  9. nats-streaming - NATS Streaming System
  10. gqlgen - graphql server library
  11. protobuf - Google's data interchange format
  12. grpc - RPC framework
  13. jaeger - Jaeger Bindings for Go OpenTracing API
  14. casbin - Supports access control
  15. dataloaden - DataLoader for graphql
  16. nats - Golang client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system


Install the Golang and GO environment

Install Postgresql (if you want to run locally)

Clone repository

git clone [email protected]:Aristat/golang-example-app.git (go get)

Local environment

Install Golang packages without modules

make install

Install database

make createdb

Sql migrations

sql-migrate up

Install Golang dependencies

make dependencies

Generate artifacts(binary files and configs)

make build

Packages for proto generator

Set APP_WD if you start to use html templates or path to ssh keys or run make test

export APP_WD=go_path to project_path/resources or project_path/artifacts

Docker environment

Generate docker image

DOCKER_IMAGE=golang-example-app TAG=development make docker-image

Run services

Start in local machine

Up jaeger in docker-compose or disable Jaeger(and rebuild binary file) in resources/configs/*.yaml

docker-compose up jaeger

Start daemon (main service)

make start


./artifacts/bin daemon -c ./artifacts/configs/development.yaml -d

Start product service

./artifacts/bin product-service -c ./artifacts/configs/development.yaml -d

Start health-check service

./artifacts/bin health-check -c ./artifacts/configs/development.yaml -d

Start in docker

Run this commands

docker-compose rm # Remove previous containers
REMOVE_CONTAINERS=on DOCKER_IMAGE=golang-example-app TAG=development make docker-image # Generate new docker image
docker-compose up

or run script


Getting Started



Http example with gRPC


Http example with Nats Streaming


Http example with graceful shutdown(long request, you can check the server shutdown)


Graphql example with gRPC

Graphql client for testing. End-point http://localhost:9096/query.

Generate JWT for Graphql authorization

./artifacts/bin jwt token --key='./artifacts/keys/local/private_key.pem' --fields='{"sub": "owner", "iss": "test-service"}'

Set JWT token in headers

  "Authorization": "bearer token"

Example query

query oneUser {
  users {
    one(email: "[email protected]") {

Example query with data loader

query allProducts {
  products {
    list {
      products {
        productItems {

Example mutation

mutation createUser {
  users {
    createUser(email: "[email protected]", password: "123456789") {


➜  make test

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