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🎨 Universal Rollup plugin for styles: PostCSS, Sass, Less, Stylus and more.
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Alternatives To Rollup Plugin Styles
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Universal Rollup plugin for styles:

...and more!

Table of Contents


# npm
npm install -D rollup-plugin-styles
# pnpm
pnpm add -D rollup-plugin-styles
# yarn
yarn add rollup-plugin-styles --dev


// rollup.config.js
import styles from "rollup-plugin-styles";

export default {
  output: {
    // Governs names of CSS files (for assets from CSS use `hash` option for url handler).
    // Note: using value below will put `.css` files near js,
    // but make sure to adjust `hash`, `assetDir` and `publicPath`
    // options for url handler accordingly.
    assetFileNames: "[name]-[hash][extname]",
  plugins: [styles()],

After that you can import CSS files in your code:

import "./style.css";

Default mode is inject, which means CSS is embedded inside JS and injected into <head> at runtime, with ability to pass options to CSS injector or even pass your own injector.

CSS is available as default export in inject and extract modes, but if CSS Modules are enabled you need to use named css export.

// Injects CSS, also available as `style` in this example
import style from "./style.css";
// Using named export of CSS string
import { css } from "./style.css";

In emit mode none of the exports are available as CSS is purely processed and passed along the build pipeline, which is useful if you want to preprocess CSS before using it with CSS consuming plugins, e.g. rollup-plugin-lit-css.

PostCSS configuration files will be found and loaded automatically, but this behavior is configurable using config option.

Importing a file


/* Import from `node_modules` */
@import "bulma/css/bulma";
/* Local import */
@import "./custom";
/* ...or (if no package named `custom` in `node_modules`) */
@import "custom";


You can prepend the path with ~ to resolve in node_modules:

// Import from `node_modules`
@import "~bulma/css/bulma";
// Local import
@import "./custom";
// ...or
@import "custom";

Also note that partials are considered first, e.g.

@import "custom";

Will look for _custom first (with the appropriate extension(s)), and then for custom if _custom doesn't exist.

CSS Injection

  mode: "inject", // Unnecessary, set by default
  // ...or with custom options for injector
  mode: [
    { container: "body", singleTag: true, prepend: true, attributes: { id: "global" } },
  // ...or with custom injector
  mode: ["inject", (varname, id) => `console.log(${varname},${JSON.stringify(id)})`],

CSS Extraction

  mode: "extract",
  // ... or with relative to output dir/output file's basedir (but not outside of it)
  mode: ["extract", "awesome-bundle.css"],

Emitting processed CSS

// rollup.config.js
import styles from "rollup-plugin-styles";

// Any plugin which consumes pure CSS
import litcss from "rollup-plugin-lit-css";

export default {
  plugins: [
    styles({ mode: "emit" }),

    // Make sure to list it after this one

CSS Modules

  modules: true,
  // ...or with custom options
  modules: {},
  // ...additionally using autoModules
  autoModules: true,
  // ...with custom regex
  autoModules: /\.mod\.\S+$/,
  // ...or custom function
  autoModules: id => id.includes(".modular."),

With Sass/Less/Stylus

Install corresponding dependency:

  • For Sass support install sass or node-sass:

    # npm
    npm install -D sass
    # pnpm
    pnpm add -D sass
    # yarn
    yarn add sass --dev
    # npm
    npm install -D node-sass
    # pnpm
    pnpm add -D node-sass
    # yarn
    yarn add node-sass --dev
  • For Less support install less:

    # npm
    npm install -D less
    # pnpm
    pnpm add -D less
    # yarn
    yarn add less --dev
  • For Stylus support install stylus:

    # npm
    npm install -D stylus
    # pnpm
    pnpm add -D stylus
    # yarn
    yarn add stylus --dev

That's it, now you can import .scss .sass .less .styl .stylus files in your code.


See API Reference for Options for full list of available options.


Because alternatives did not look good enough - they are either too basic, too buggy or poorly maintained.

For example, the main alternative (and inspiration) is rollup-plugin-postcss, but at the time it is not actively maintained, has a bunch of critical bugs and subjectively lacks some useful features and quality of life improvements which should be a part of it.

With that said, here is the basic list of things which differentiate this plugin from the aforementioned one:

  • Written completely in TypeScript
  • Up-to-date CSS Modules implementation
  • Built-in @import handler
  • Built-in assets handler
  • Ability to emit pure CSS for other plugins
  • Complete code splitting support, with respect for multiple entries, preserveModules and manualChunks
  • Multiple instances support, with check for already processed files
  • Proper sourcemaps, with included sources content by default
  • Respects assetFileNames for CSS file names
  • Respects sourcemaps from loaded files
  • Support for implementation forcing for Sass
  • Support for partials and ~ in Less import statements
  • More smaller things that I forgot


MIT © Anton Kudryavtsev


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