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🍿 Checklist Tools Website

A user-friendly and fluid interface for using checklists.

Checklist tools website

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All the power of checklists, without the overhead:

  • User-friendly and fluid interface
  • Fast build with Preact and Milligram
  • Generate PDF report
  • Offline checklists storage with LocalStorage
  • Auto-save your progress 🚀
  • 💥 Instant no-config app bundling

Based on checklists:

Use the online version:


Install with npm

npm i checklist-tools-website

Install with Yarn

yarn add checklist-tools-website

Install manually

git clone
yarn install
# or
npm install

How to use ?

Build with Gulp

gulp build

Built files are available in dist folder.


Build and serve files with Gulp

gulp build
gulp webserver

The version is available at http://localhost:8080

Add a new Checklist

Use the auto-converter

To convert a checklist to markdown format you can use the bin/mdChecklistToJson.js script. To do this, add your checklist in and run the command npm mdtojson.
The result of the conversion is in bin/sample.json. Modify your checklist until you get the result.

Add manually

Create a new json files in src/checklist. Sample template:

  "name": "Front-dev",
  "group_categories": [
      "title_group": "Head",
      "categories": [
          "title": "Meta tags",
          "tasks": [
              "title": "Doctype",
              "links": [
                  "text":"Determining the character encoding - HTML5 W3C",
                  "type": "link"}
              "explications":"The Doctype is HTML5 and is at the top of all your HTML pages.",
              "code":"<!doctype html> <!-- HTML5 -->",
              "priority": "high"

To make the checklist available in app you need to modify src/stores/checklistStore.js and add import example from '../checklist/example.json';.

Next add it in INITIAL_DATA:

const INITIAL_DATA = {
  checklists: [


The new checklist does not appear in select:

  • Empty the localstorage before add a new checklist.


Open an issue or a pull request to suggest changes or additions.


The Checklist Tools Website repository consists of two branches:

1. master

This branch consists of the current stable branchof Checklist Tools Website.

2. develop

This branch will be used to make some significant changes to the structure, content if needed. It is preferable to use the master branch to fix small errors or add a new checklist.


If you have any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to use Twitter:


Alexis Danizan


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.


Designed and created with ♥ by Danizan Alexis. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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