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Breeze and BreezeDark-like stylesheets for Qt Applications.

C++ Installation

Copy breeze.qrc, dark.qss, light.qss and the dark and light folders into your project directory and add the qrc file to your project file.

For example:

TARGET = app
SOURCES = main.cpp
RESOURCES = breeze.qrc

To load the stylesheet in C++, load the file using QFile and read the data. For example, to load BreezeDark, run:

#include <QApplication>
#include <QFile>
#include <QTextStream>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    QApplication app(argc, argv);

    // set stylesheet
    QFile file(":/dark.qss"); | QFile::Text);
    QTextStream stream(&file);

    // code goes here

    return app.exec();

PyQt5 Installation

To compile the stylesheet for use with PyQt5, compile with the following command pyrcc5 breeze.qrc -o, and import the stylesheets. Afterwards, to load the stylesheet in Python, load the file using QFile and read the data. For example, to load BreezeDark, run:

from PyQt5 import QtWidgets
from PyQt5.QtCore import QFile, QTextStream
import breeze_resources

def main():
    app = QtWidgets.QApplication(sys.argv)

    # set stylesheet
    file = QFile(":/dark.qss") | QFile.Text)
    stream = QTextStream(file)

    # code goes here



MIT, see license.



Example user interface using the Breeze and BreezeDark stylesheets side-by-side.



BreezeStyleSheets is a fork of QDarkStyleSheet.


Email: [email protected]
Twitter: KardOnIce

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