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a netty like asynchronous network I/O library

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Getty is a asynchronous network I/O library in golang. Getty works on tcp/udp/websocket network protocol and supplies a uniform interface.

In getty there are two goroutines in one connection(session), one reads tcp stream/udp packet/websocket package, the other handles logic process and writes response into network write buffer. If your logic process may take a long time, you should start a new logic process goroutine by yourself in codec.go:(Codec)OnMessage.

You can also handle heartbeat logic in codec.go:(Codec):OnCron. If you use tcp/udp, you should send hearbeat package by yourself, and then invoke session.go:(Session)UpdateActive to update its active time. Please check whether the tcp session has been timeout or not in codec.go:(Codec)OnCron by session.go:(Session)GetActive.

Whatever if you use websocket, you do not need to care about hearbeat request/response because Getty do this task in session.go:(Session)handleLoop by sending/received websocket ping/pong frames. You just need to check whether the websocket session has been timeout or not in codec.go:(Codec)OnCron by session.go:(Session)GetActive.

You can get code example in


An open source, Go based, RPC framework.

Feature list:

  • 1 Transport: TCP(√), UDP(X), Websocket(X)
  • 2 Codec: ProtoBuf(√), JSON(√)
  • 3 Strategy: Failover(√), Failfast(√)
  • 4 Metrics: Invoke Statistics(X), User Auth(X)

Code example:

The subdirectory rpc of getty-examples shows how to build rpc client/rpc server.


An micro service framework based on getty/rpc.

Feature list:

  • 1 Registry: ZooKeeper(√), Etcd(√)
  • 2 Load Balance: Random(X), RoundRobin(√), Self-Defined(√)
  • 3 Service Discovery: Service Publish(√), Service Watch(√), Service Notify(√)

Code example:

The subdirectory micro of getty-examples shows how to build micro client/rpc server.


Apache License 2.0

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