Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

xWAF - Web Application Firewall

Original Free Web Application Firewall, Open-Source.


  • [x] XSS Vulns Fixed.
  • [x] SQL Injection Fixed.
  • [x] Anti-Cookie-Steal Method.
  • [x] HTML Malicious Code's Vulns Fixed.
  • [x] CSRF Easy to use, and validation.
  • [x] Block HTML Upgraded.
  • [x] Lightweight.
  • [x] Array Support, All Bypass fixed.
  • [x] Advanced Bot validation, Browser Validation.
  • [x] Most Poc's SQLi and XSS.
  • [x] Security upgraded.
  • [x] Errors supression.
  • [x] Cloudflare and BlazingFast Support.

Sample Usage

// Before all your code starts.
$xWAF = new xWAF();
// Your code below.

Advanced Usage

// Before of all your CODE.
$xWAF = new xWAF();
// Cloudflare Mode [Optional]
// BlazingFast Mode [Optional]
// Use Own IP Header [Optional]
// Anti-Cookie-Steal Method [Optional]
$xWAF->antiCookieSteal('username'); // For trigger if on PHPSESSID is logged.

// Check separated types.
// Your code below.

CSRF Validation Example

Please read test.php


  • [x] Min: PHP5.3 (With common functions)

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