Resumable HLS and MPEG-DASH Downloader
Alternatives To Streamget
Project NameStarsDownloadsRepos Using ThisPackages Using ThisMost Recent CommitTotal ReleasesLatest ReleaseOpen IssuesLicenseLanguage
Udemy Dl4,113
2 years ago2June 21, 20192mitPython
A cross-platform python based utility to download courses from udemy for personal offline use.
M3u8 Downloader2,226
2 months ago23JavaScript
M3U8-Downloader 支持多线程、断点续传、加密视频下载缓存。
Webvideo Downloader653
2 months ago27Python
Web video downloader for Bilibili, iQIYI, Tencent Video, MGTV and WeTV. 网站视频下载器,主要支持Bilibili、爱奇艺、腾讯视频、芒果TV、WeTV、愛奇藝台灣站。
6 days ago153July 07, 20224gpl-3.0TypeScript
A lovely video downloader for HLS videos
2 years ago13mitGo
A mini M3U8 downloader written in Golang for downloading and merging TS(Transport Stream) files. 一个迷你 M3U8 视频下载工具。
5 years agoNovember 06, 20149Go
gohls - Downloader for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams, written in Golang
M3u8 Downloader181
2 days ago6mitTypeScript
m3u8 视频在线提取工具 流媒体下载 m3u8下载 桌面客户端 windows mac
Hls Downloader94
2 years ago5mitPython
Download all video files from HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) VoD (Video on Demand) m3u8 playlist for local playback
Hls Downloader47
3 months agoapache-2.0JavaScript
Download HLS videos directly from your browser
Hls Downloader45
3 months ago7apache-2.0TypeScript
Download HLS streams in NodeJS
Alternatives To Streamget
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Resumable HLS and MPEG-DASH Downloader


Usage: StreamGet [OPTIONS] [-o|--output] FILENAME URL
 FILENAME       The output video name
 URL            Media Stream playlist URL

 -h     --help  Print this help text
 -r     --raw   Not delete raw video stream (no effect to MPEG-DASH)
 -v     --video [l | lowest | h | highest | NUMBER]     Select video track
                [l | lowest]    Select lowest resolution video
                [h | highest]   Select highest resolution video
                [NUMBER]        Select video number (Start from 1)
 -a     --audio [l | lowest | h | highest | NUMBER]     Select audio track (no effect to HLS)
                [l | lowest]    Select lowest quality audio
                [h | highest]   Select highest quality audio
                [NUMBER]        Select audio number (Start from 1)
 -s     --subtitle      Download subtitles if the video contains (no effect to MPEG-DASH)
 -e     --no-subtitle   Don't download subtitles
 -d     --header        Send http requests with the custom header
                        You can set this option more than once for multiple headers

Output Video Format


The output video format may not be standard MPEG-TS format, so some video player cannot play this format. You can convert videos using ffmpeg or other video converter.

MPEG-DASH (experimental)

Download all video and audio segments into a folder only. You need a media player which is support MPEG-DASH to play, such as VLC Media Player or other javascript-based media player.


You can use plugins to help you fetch playlist url more easily.

Plugin Capabilities

Plugin Version StreamGet Version
1.0 1.0
1.1 1.1 and later
1.2 2.1 and later
1.3 2.2 and later
1.4 2.31 and later

Use plugins

Add a folder called "plugins", then put a StreamGet jar plugin into folder

Make your own plugins

See plugin example

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