Agregore Browser

A minimal browser for the distributed web (Desktop version)

Agregore Browser

A minimal web browser for the distributed web


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Overview from SpeakeasyJS

Watch the intro video from Dat Conference

Intro to IPFS interface from IPFS meetup

5 minute overview from Dweb meetup

Decentralized Web - Bloom Fireside


  • Enable people to make and use local first apps using the web
  • Be minimal (fewer built-in features, leave more to the OS)
  • Be open to anything p2p / decentralized / local-first
  • Rely on web extensions for extra functionality
  • Work with mesh networks / Bluetooth Low Energy networks

Agregore demo


Keyboard Shortcuts

(Ctrl means Command or Control) |Shortcut|Does|Is configurable| |:-:|:-:|:-:| |Alt|Show Menu Bar|-| |Ctrl+N|New Window|+| |F11|Fullscreen|-| |Ctrl+M|Minimize|-| |Ctrl+W|Close|-| |Ctrl+Shift+I|Open Devtools|+| |Ctrl+]|Navigate Forward|+| |Ctrl+[|Navigate Backward|+| |Ctrl+L|Focus URL Bar|+| |Ctrl+F|Find in page|-| |Ctrl+R|Reload|+| |Ctrl+Shift+R|Hard Reload|+| ||Learn More|+| ||Open Extensions Folder|+| |Ctrl+.|Edit Config File|+|

Other features

  • Web Extension support
  • Built-in Markdown/Gemini/JSON rendering extension
  • Built-in QR code scanner and generator extension
    • Generate a QR code for the current page
    • Scan a QR code from the browser action window.
    • Right click a link or image to generate a QR code for it
  • Built-in ad blocker (ublock origin)
  • Built-in support for creating web archives via
  • Open links in new windows (right click on element)
  • Find text on the page (ctrl+f to bring into focus, esc to hide)
  • Autocomplete URLs from history (type in the URL bar, up/down to navigate, right to autocomplete)
  • Persist open windows when quitting
  • Save files from pages (any protocol, right click it)
  • Set as default browser (click Set As Default in the menu bar (ALT))
  • Set as default Torrent handler (click Set as Default Torrent in the menu bar (ALT))
  • Auto-convert SSB sigils, BitTorrent magnet links, /ipfs/Qm paths, and /ipns/ paths to proper URLs.
  • Configure whether the menu bar should be visible by default (edit .agregorerc autoHideMenuBar property)


Check out the documentation.


Feel free to open a Github issue if you wish to tackle one of the items on the roadmap, or message @RangerMauve directly on whatever platform you can find them on.

This project uses the StandardJS code style. Please format your code with standard --fix or run npm run lint.

To build from source do the following:

  • Set up node.js, git, and yarn
  • fork the repo
  • Pull your fork to your computer
  • Load submodules with git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Run yarn or npm install to install dependencies
  • Run yarn start or npm start to start the browser and test your changes
  • After coding, when ready to submit, run npm run lint or yarn lint to check code style
  • Push to your clone
  • Submit a pull request

Other notes:

  • To debug extensions, run yarn debug to have devtools opened for their background pages
  • If you're interested in a CLI for these protocols, check out curld cURL for Distributed Web. That project supports the same protocols as Agregore, but in a terminal way.
  • To download the latest versions of or Ublock Origin, run yarn download-extennsions
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