Ansible role that configures monit. Will also setup baseline monitoring of SSH, NTP, and Cron.
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Ansible role that configures monit. Will also setup baseline monitoring of SSH, NTP, and Cron.
Puppet Ntp5
7 years ago8March 30, 20163otherPuppet
Puppet module for NTP
Ntpd Docker2
7 years agomitShell
Ansible Common Base1
4 years agomit
Ansible Role to install and configure some basic OS setting for an initial server.
Ntp Pooling Php Api1
2 years agogpl-3.0Shell
NTP Listing Services for 1.0.4
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ANXS - monit Build Status

Ansible role which installs monit monitoring and management tool (and attaches it to ssh, cron, ntpd).

Requirements & Dependencies

  • Tested on Ansible 1.4 or higher.


monit_email_enable: yes
monit_notify_email: "me@localhost"

monit_logfile: "syslog facility log_daemon"

monit_poll_period: 60
monit_poll_start_delay: 120

monit_eventqueue_enable: yes
monit_eventqueue_directory: "/var/lib/monit/events"
monit_eventque_slots: 100

monit_mailformat_from: "monit@{{inventory_hostname}}"
monit_mailformat_subject: "$SERVICE $EVENT"
monit_mailformat_message: "Monit $ACTION $SERVICE at $DATE on $HOST: $DESCRIPTION."

monit_mailserver_host: "localhost"
# monit_mailserver_port:
# monit_mailserver_username:
# monit_mailserver_password:
# monit_mailserver_encryption:
monit_mailserver_timeout: 60

monit_port: 3737
monit_address: "localhost"
monit_allow: ["localhost"]
# monit_username:
# monit_password:
monit_ssl: no
monit_cert: "/etc/monit/monit.pem"

monit_monitors_sshd_port: 22


This project comes with a VagrantFile, this is a fast and easy way to test changes to the role, fire it up with vagrant up

See vagrant docs for getting setup with vagrant


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Feedback, bug-reports, requests, ...

Are welcome!

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