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RESTful APIs for V2EX. This is the back-end of bv2ex web application.


Notice: Recently automatic update function was added. If you checked out the latest code, it is enabled by default. To disable this feature you need to set autoUpdate to false in config.js.

To update, see Update section below.





bv2ex is a redesigned V2EX web application. Its goal is to provide a better user experience and more useful features with new web technologies.


Node.js >= 10.15.3


git clone --depth 1
npm install
npm run init

Configure FCM

(This step is optional.) You can enable FCM to notifiy users when they get new notifications. This need you to configure both the server side and client side. Follow the instruction below to configure your server.

Step 1. Add a project

Go to Firebase console to add a project.

Step 2. Create a server account

  1. In the Firebase console, open Settings > Server Accounts.
  2. Click Generate New Private Key, then confirm by clicking Generate Key.
  3. Securely store the JSON file containing the key on your server.

Step 3. Edit config.js

  1. Fill in serverKeyPath with the absolute path of the key file.
  2. Fill in databaseURL. You can find it in the Admin SDK configuration snippet at step 2.

Configure Nginx

Before you configure Nginx, you need to install bv2ex first.

You may use get-v2ex to serve both the RESTFul APIs and static resources of the web application.

To achieve this, we need to add 2 rules to tell Nginx how it should rewrite requests. For example, if we configure clientAddress as https://example_domain in get-v2ex/public/config.js, we'll need to rewrite all the client resource requests to add '/static' as a prefix. (This is because bv2ex resources are served under the /static scope by default.)

So eventually you may add something like the following to server section:

index static/index.html;

# configure serverAddress in your config.js as 'https://[]/api'
location ~ ^/api/(.*) {
  rewrite ^/api/(.*) /$1 break;
# treat other requests as static resources
location ~ ^/(.*) {
  rewrite ^/(.*) /static/$1 break;

Start your server

You can use some tools to manage your bv2ex server process such as pm2 or forever.

npm i -g forever
forever start index.js


git pull
npm i
forever restart index.js
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