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The Top 38 Snapshot Open Source Projects

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Jest 28,753
Delightful JavaScript Testing.
Mobx State Tree 5,032
Opinionated, transactional, MobX powered state container combining the best features of the immutable and mutable world for an optimal DX
Unix History Repo 4,000
Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today
Glusterfs 2,378
Gluster Filesystem - (this is only a public mirror, see the README for contributing)
Jest Image Snapshot 2,119
✨ Jest matcher for image comparisons. Most commonly used for visual regression testing.
Kubicorn 1,582
Simple, cloud native infrastructure for Kubernetes.
React Native View Shot 1,307
Snapshot a React Native view and save it to an image
Singlefile 1,204
Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome and CLI tool to save a faithful copy of a complete web page as a single HTML file
Sanoid 1,033
Policy-driven snapshot management and replication tools. Using ZFS for underlying next-gen storage. (Btrfs support plans are shelved unless and until btrfs becomes reliable.) Primarily intended for Linux, but BSD use is supported and reasonably frequently tested.
Criu 1,000
Checkpoint/Restore tool
Backintime 800
Back In Time - A simple backup tool for Linux
Moosefs 758
MooseFS – Open Source, Petabyte, Fault-Tolerant, Highly Performing, Scalable Network Distributed File System
Polo 638
Polo travels through your database and creates sample snapshots so you can work with real world data in development.
Redux Ship 619
Side effects with snapshots for Redux.
Sirix 479
SirixDB facilitates effective and efficient storing and querying of your temporal data. Every commit stores a space-efficient snapshot. It is log-structured and never overwrites data. SirixDB uses a novel page-level versioning approach called sliding snapshot.
Solidarity 444
Solidarity is an environment checker for project dependencies across multiple machines.
Snapshot Diff 411
Diffing snapshot utility for Jest
Btrbk 395
Tool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs subvolumes
Gwt Material 366
A Google Material Design wrapper for GWT
Ipcam View 243
MJPEG video streaming on Android
Save Page State 203
A chrome extension to save the state of a page for further analysis
Launchscreensnapshot 200
Protects sensitive data in your app snapshot.
Zrepl 182
One-stop ZFS backup & replication solution
Cloudexplorer 163
Cloud Explorer
Snap Shot 161
Jest-like snapshot feature for the rest of us, works magically by finding the right caller function
React Native Testing Example 159
Example of unit testing a React Native & Redux app using Jest (and Snapshots!)
Android Snapshot Publisher 137
Gradle plugin to deploy Android Snapshot Versions
Mmlpx 129
🐘 mobx model layer paradigm
Telescope 119
🔭 The service ( from Client or Server ) works for render view ( markdown / code / image... ) from fetching URL.
Snap Shot It 109
Smarter snapshot utility for Mocha and BDD test runners + data-driven testing!
React Nativeish 107
React Native / React Native Web Boilerplate
Cupaloy 95
Simple Go snapshot testing
Btrfs Sxbackup 86
Incremental btrfs snapshot backups with push/pull support via SSH
Babel Test 75
An opinionated library to make testing babel plugins easier.
Abide 73
📸 A Go testing utility for http response snapshots.
Aws Maintenance 60
Collection of scripts and Lambda functions used for maintaining AWS resources
V8 Profiler Next 55
node bindings for the v8 profiler
Cv4pve Autosnap 54
Automatic snapshot tool for Proxmox VE
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