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The Top 18 Semantics Open Source Projects

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Go101 ⭐2,571
An online book focusing on Go syntax/semantics.
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Mutant ⭐1,600
Mutation testing for Ruby - Semantic code coverage
Aquameta ⭐896
Web development platform built entirely in PostgreSQL
Kimera ⭐360
Index repo for Kimera code
Neosemantics ⭐358
Graph+Semantics: Import/Export RDF from Neo4j. Model mapping, inferencing and more.... If you like it, please β˜… ⇧
Modallogic ⭐292
Modal Logic Playground
Weaviate ⭐275
Open Source Smart Graph (GraphQL - RESTful - Semantic Search - Semantic Classification - Knowledge Representation))
Openhownet ⭐193
Core Data of HowNet and OpenHowNet Python API
Holmes Extractor ⭐162
Information extraction from English and German texts based on predicate logic
Knowledge Graph Analysis Programming Exercises ⭐141
Exercises for the Analysis of Knowledge Graphs
Bonnetal ⭐134
Bonnet and then some! Deep Learning Framework for various Image Recognition Tasks. Photogrammetry and Robotics Lab, University of Bonn
X86 64 Semantics ⭐84
Semantics of x86-64 in K
Data Governance ⭐45
ODPi Egeria's Guidance on Governance - simplifying governance for the enterprise
Penman ⭐35
PENMAN notation (e.g. AMR) in Python
Viper ⭐21
[WIP] A Pythonesque language with a design that focuses on efficiency and expressiveness. Compiles to WebAssembly
Visma Tracker ⭐19
semantic mapping module of vision lab slam system
Roleo ⭐12
Web based semantic visualization tool
Xndarray ⭐8
β–¦ Multidimensional arrays with semantics in JavaScript
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