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The Top 13 Photo Editing Open Source Projects

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Cropiwa ⭐2,095
πŸ“ Configurable Custom Crop widget for Android
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Pixpic ⭐1,208
PixPic, a Photo Editing App
Pesdk Ios Examples ⭐812
A fully customizable photo editor for your app.
Photo Editor ⭐633
Photo editor with a lot of cool features
Photo Editor Android ⭐385
Photo Editor SDK contains a lot of features like edit, scale, rotate and draw on images like Instagram stories.
Resizer ⭐374
An image resizing library for Android
Lfmediaeditingcontroller ⭐274
Media Editor (图片编辑、视钑编辑)
Inpainting ⭐234
Want to remove something(someone) from a photo as it never was there? This is .NET implementation of content-aware fill. It smartly fills in unwanted or missing areas of photographs.
Neural Image Assessment ⭐183
A PyTorch Implementation of Neural IMage Assessment
Lfimagepickercontroller ⭐179
Photojshop ⭐134
🎨 Photo editing JavaScript library
Photoflare ⭐107
Quick, simple but powerful Cross Platform image editor.
Rawkit ⭐53
ctypes based libraw bindings
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