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Composer ⭐22,349
Dependency Manager for PHP
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Vcpkg ⭐8,009
C++ Library Manager for Windows, Linux, and MacOS
Mastering Modular Javascript ⭐3,855
📦 Module thinking, principles, design patterns and best practices.
Termux Packages ⭐2,929
Android terminal and Linux environment - packages repository.
Scancode Toolkit ⭐881
🔎 ScanCode detects licenses, copyrights, package manifests & dependencies and more by scanning code ... to discover and inventory open source and third-party packages used in your code.
Repo ⭐747
Arch Linux CN Repository
Awesome Magento2 ⭐695
Curated list of awesome Magento 2 Extensions, Resources and other Highlights
Open Build Service ⭐520
Build and distribute Linux packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way #obs
Termuxarch ⭐451
You can use setupTermuxArch.bash 📲 to install Arch Linux in Amazon, Android, Chromebook and Windows.
Smarthome ⭐437
@skalavala 👍 Nothing But Smarthome Stuff! - By Mahasri Kalavala
Aports ⭐417
Mirror of aports repository
Jwt Auth Guard ⭐319
JWT Auth Guard for Laravel and Lumen Frameworks.
Repology Updater ⭐311
Repology backend service to update repository and package data
A To Z List Of Useful Node.js Modules ⭐267
Collection of most awesome node modules that will extend the capability of your node.js application.
Any Touch ⭐259
👋 一个手势库, 支持PC / 手机 / 微信端
Package.elm ⭐251
website for browsing packages and exploring documentation
Laravel Gamp ⭐244
Laravel Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Package
Termux Archlinux ⭐228
You can use setupTermuxArch.bash 📲 to install Arch Linux in Termux on Amazon, Android, Chromebook and Windows.
Flutter_photo ⭐223
Pick image/video from album by flutter. Support ios and android. UI by flutter, no native.
Arch4edu ⭐222
Archlinux and ArchlinuxARM Repository for Education
Packages ⭐218
List of packages for Nimble
Syncpack ⭐214
Manage multiple package.json files, such as in Lerna Monorepos and Yarn Workspaces
Npm Upgrade ⭐202
Interactive CLI utility to easily update outdated NPM dependencies
Npmvet ⭐191
A simple CLI tool for vetting npm package versions
Pacman ⭐175
A package management tools for R
Psdepend ⭐174
PowerShell Dependency Handler
Py3readiness ⭐163
Python 3 support graph for most popular packages
Ndash ⭐157
your npm dashboard! (react-native app)
Stow ⭐145
GNU Stow - mirror of savannah git repository occasionally with more bleeding-edge branches
Scaladex ⭐142
The Scala Package Index
Ansible Role Composer ⭐140
Ansible Role - Composer PHP Dependency Manager
Core Plans ⭐122
Core Habitat Plan definitions
Antergos Packages ⭐121
PKGBUILD's for antergos packages
X11 Packages ⭐121
Packages using the X Window System.
Eix ⭐110
eix can access Gentoo portage ebuild information and description very quickly (using a local cache). It can also be used to access information on installed packages, local settings, and local and external overlays, and informs about changes in the tree
Termux Extra Packages ⭐110
Httpimport ⭐97
Module for remote in-memory Python package/module loading through HTTP/S
Larasupport ⭐86
Adds Laravel Packages Support to Lumen and Other Helpers.
Openwrt Packages ⭐79
Onion Packages Feed for OpenWRT
Packages ⭐73
The default package source of the Zeek Package Manager
Awesome Npm Packages ⭐65
🚀 A collection of awesome npm packages for Noders.
Eta Hackage ⭐62
A set of patches to make Hackage compatible with the Eta language.
Unstable Packages ⭐59
A place for new or unstable packages.
Npm Compare ⭐55
Compare npm packages from your terminal
Dtupdate ⭐52
The dtupdate package has functions that try to make it easier to keep up with the non-CRAN universe
Rock ⭐51
Create semantic version tags for your Go packages, search and discover new packages
Gomodctl ⭐27
Search, Check, and Update Go modules.
Shinyappdemo ⭐19
A demo shiny app inside a package
Dotnet Assembly Grapher ⭐18
Reverse engineering and software quality assurance tool for .NET assemblies
Harbours ⭐15
Ported software for HelenOS.
Satis On Heroku ⭐5
Your private Satis instance on Heroku, just one click away.
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