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The Top 22 Nodejs Modules Open Source Projects

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Kute.js ⭐1,866
KUTE.js is a native JavaScript animation engine featuring great code quality, badass performance, SVG morphing, stroke drawing and 2D & 3D transforms, CSS3 transforms, colors, as well as other CSS3 properties or presentation attributes.
Trymodule ⭐1,041
➰ It's never been easier to try nodejs modules!
Command Line Args ⭐447
A mature, feature-complete library to parse command-line options.
Protagonist ⭐326
Protagonist is Node.js wrapper for the API Blueprint parser
Modclean ⭐264
Remove unwanted files and directories from your node_modules folder
A To Z List Of Useful Node.js Modules ⭐253
Collection of most awesome node modules that will extend the capability of your node.js application.
Simple Netease Cloud Music ⭐246
🎵A simple netease music api lib. 简单、统一、轻巧的 Node.js 版网易云音乐 API
Building Testable Apis With Nodejs ⭐168
Repositório oficial do livro: Construindo APIs testáveis com Node.js
Svg2vectordrawable ⭐144
Node.js module and command-line tools for convert SVG to Android vector drawable.
Openwrt Node Packages ⭐129
OpenWrt Project Node.js packages. v8.x v10.x LTS and v12.x
N26 ⭐121
💳 Un-official node.js module for interact with your N26 (previously Number26) account
Pm2 Slack ⭐115
A PM2 module to emit events to Slack
Json Node Normalizer ⭐104
'json-node-normalizer' - NodeJS module that normalize json data types from json schema specifications.
Meetup Api ⭐100
meetup-api is an API library written in JavaScript for Node.js V8 and Node.js ChakraCore
Node Lei Stream ⭐91
Read/Write stream line by line 按行读写流
Mastodon Api ⭐77
Mastodon API Client Library
Awesome Npm Packages ⭐65
🚀 A collection of awesome npm packages for Noders.
Leoric ⭐56
🐤JavaScript ORM for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.
Node Ebml ⭐53
EBML parser
Inspirational Quotes ⭐46
💡 A simple NPM Package which returns random Inspirational Quotes. Get your daily quote and stay motivated!
Electron Progressbar ⭐30
electron-progressbar provides an easy-to-use and highly customizable API to show and control progress bars on Electron applications.
Catchart ⭐24
Pipe something from command line to a chart in the browser
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