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The Top 15 Memory Leak Open Source Projects

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Leakcanary ⭐24,104
LeakCanary is a memory leak detection library for Android.
Awesome Android Performance ⭐2,567
Android performance optimization tutorials, videos and tools list(Android性能优化视频,文档以及工具)
Leakage ⭐1,420
🐛 Memory leak testing for node.
Easy Monitor ⭐1,224
轻量级实时 Node.js 内核性能监控分析工具
Js Leakage Patterns ⭐721
Cpputest ⭐713
CppUTest unit testing and mocking framework for C/C++ ⭐565
Dump and analyze .Net applications memory ( a gui for WinDbg and ClrMd )
Memleax ⭐521
debugs memory leak of running process. Not maintained anymore, try `libleak` please.
Sinsofmemoryleaks ⭐320
Some common patterns of memory leaks in Android development and how to fix/avoid them
Avoid Memory Leak Android ⭐82
🔥 Examples of memory leaks and common patterns that cause them in Android development and how to fix/avoid them
Hjnsobjectreleasedemo ⭐63
Windbg Cheat Sheet ⭐43
A practical guide to analyze memory dumps of .Net applications by using Windbg
Heapusage ⭐40
Find memory leaks in Linux and macOS applications
Immutable Tuple ⭐18
Immutable finite list objects with constant-time equality testing (===) and no memory leaks.
Free_checker ⭐5
Simple memory leak finder (for C program) using LD_PRELOAD.
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