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The Top 40 Fuzzer Open Source Projects

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Dirsearch ⭐3,219
Web path scanner
Syzkaller ⭐2,689
syzkaller is an unsupervised coverage-guided kernel fuzzer
Fuzzdicts ⭐1,266
Web Pentesting Fuzz ε­—ε…Έ,δΈ€δΈͺε°±ε€ŸδΊ†γ€‚
Ffuf ⭐1,071
Fast web fuzzer written in Go
Pythem ⭐926
pentest framework
Blackwidow ⭐589
A Python based web application scanner to gather OSINT and fuzz for OWASP vulnerabilities on a target website.
Angora ⭐526
Angora is a mutation-based fuzzer. The main goal of Angora is to increase branch coverage by solving path constraints without symbolic execution.
Funfuzz ⭐508
A collection of fuzzers in a harness for testing the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.
Jsfuzz ⭐437
coverage guided fuzz testing for javascript
Dotdotpwn ⭐429
DotDotPwn - The Directory Traversal Fuzzer
Fuzzapi ⭐402
Fuzzapi is a tool used for REST API pentesting and uses API_Fuzzer gem
Echidna ⭐385
Ethereum fuzz testing framework
Afl Utils ⭐363
Utilities for automated crash sample processing/analysis, easy afl-fuzz job management and corpus optimization
Aflplusplus ⭐355
afl++ is afl 2.56b with community patches, AFLfast power schedules, qemu 3.1 upgrade + laf-intel support, MOpt mutators, InsTrim instrumentation, unicorn_mode and a lot more!
Prjxray ⭐333
Documenting the Xilinx 7-series bit-stream format.
Pyjfuzz ⭐300
PyJFuzz - Python JSON Fuzzer
Dharma ⭐298
Generation-based, context-free grammar fuzzer.
Tlsfuzzer ⭐280
SSL and TLS protocol test suite and fuzzer
Gray_hat_csharp_code ⭐258
This repository contains full code examples from the book Gray Hat C#
Gowapt ⭐247
Go Web Application Penetration Test
Grr ⭐214
High-throughput fuzzer and emulator of DECREE binaries
Gramfuzz ⭐161
gramfuzz is a grammar-based fuzzer that lets one define complex grammars to generate text and binary data formats.
Honggfuzz Rs ⭐159
Fuzz your Rust code with Google-developed Honggfuzz !
Codealchemist ⭐159
Semantics-aware Code Generation for Finding JS engine Vulnerabilities
Javafuzz ⭐159
coverage guided fuzz testing for java
Ntcall64 ⭐156
Windows NT x64 syscall fuzzer
Protofuzz ⭐148
Google Protocol Buffers message generator
Filebuster ⭐147
An extremely fast and flexible web fuzzer
Pythonfuzz ⭐125
coverage guided fuzz testing for python
Grammarinator ⭐122
ANTLR v4 grammar-based test generator
Sharpfuzz ⭐115
AFL-based fuzz testing for .NET
Clusterfuzz Tools ⭐108
Bugs are inevitable. Suffering is optional.
Ansvif ⭐99
A Not So Very Intelligent Fuzzer: An advanced fuzzing framework designed to find vulnerabilities in C/C++ code.
Sienna Locomotive ⭐99
A user-friendly fuzzing and crash triage tool for Windows
Eclipser ⭐93
Grey-box Concolic Testing on Binary Code
Fuzzcheck Rs ⭐90
Structure-aware, in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine for Rust functions.
Imf ⭐78
Inferred Model-based Fuzzer
Ffw ⭐74
A fuzzing framework for network servers
Vmmfuzzer ⭐71
A hypervisor or virtual machine monitor (VMM) fuzzer.
Example Go ⭐36
Go Fuzzit Example
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