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The Top 18 Firebase Realtime Database Open Source Projects

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Firebase Js Sdk ⭐2,481
Firebase Javascript SDK
Firebase Android Sdk ⭐977
Firebase Android SDK
React Firebase Hooks ⭐813
React Hooks for Firebase.
Rxfirebase ⭐473
Rxjava 2.0 wrapper on Google's Android Firebase library.
React Gatsby Firebase Authentication ⭐274
🐣πŸ”₯Starter Project / Boilerplate for Authentication with Firebase and plain React in Gatsby.js
Pring ⭐247
Cloud Firestore model framework for iOS - Google
Angularfire Lite ⭐238
⚑️ Lightweight library to use Firebase API πŸ”₯ with Angular
Firebase Authentication Dotnet ⭐149
C# library for Firebase Authentication
Rxfirebase ⭐133
RxJava binding APIs for Firebase.
Angularfirebase Authentication ⭐131
Learn to create complete Angular 7 Firebase 5 authentication system tutorial from scratch. Learn how to setup sign In, sign up using custom email and password, social login provides such as Google and Facebook, protect routes using canActivate method.
Space ⭐125
A real time chat app for developers built using React, Redux, Electron and Firebase
Android Things Electricity Monitor ⭐115
Electricity Monitor using Android Things and Firebase Realtime Database
Simple Firebase Unity ⭐90
Firebase Realtime-Database's REST API Wrapper for Unity in C#
Firebase Esp8266 ⭐82
Firebase ESP8266 Arduino Library
Firebase Esp32 ⭐78
Firebase Realtime Database Arduino Client Library for ESP32
Gitmessenger ⭐71
GitMessenger is github chat app built with , firebase, nodejs and bootstrap where developers can share code,images and much more 😊
Firebaseapp ⭐44
The Google Apps Script binding for the Firebase Realtime Database
Whatsup ⭐38
**Deprecated** Real time chat app written in Swift 4 using Firebase and OTP Authentication
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