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The Top 18 Elasticsearch Plugin Open Source Projects

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Dejavu 6,361
The Missing Web UI for Elasticsearch: Import, browse and edit data with rich filters and query views, create search UIs visually.
Elasticsearch Hq 4,271
Monitoring and Management Web Application for ElasticSearch instances and clusters.
Mirage 1,933
🎨 GUI for simplifying Elasticsearch Query DSL
Elasticsearch Readonlyrest Plugin 854
Free Elasticsearch security plugin and Kibana security plugin: super-easy Kibana multi-tenancy, Encryption, Authentication, Authorization, Auditing
Gem 642
💎 GUI for Data Modeling with Elasticsearch
Elastik Nearest Neighbors 215
Elasticsearch plugin for approximate K-nearest-neighbors on floating-point vectors. Repo includes a demo for image similarity search using the plugin.
Alerting 171
Open Distro for Elasticsearch Alerting Plugin
Emoji Search 143
😄 Emoji synonyms to build your own emoji-capable search engine (elasticsearch, solr)
Graph Aided Search 137
Elasticsearch plugin offering Neo4j integration for Personalized Search
Elasticsearch Dataformat 123
Excel/CSV/BulkJSON downloads on Elasticsearch.
Esparser 116
PHP write SQL to convert DSL to query Elasticsearch
Performance Analyzer 109
OpenDistro for Elasticsearch Performance Analyzer
Elasticsearch Reindexing 108
Elasticsearch plugin for reindexing
Elasticsearch Analysis Kuromoji Ipadic Neologd 101
Elasticsearch's Analyzer for Kuromoji with Neologd
Zentity 63
Entity resolution for Elasticsearch.
Syliuselasticsearchplugin 60
Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps.
Elasticsearch Analysis Hanlp 54
HanLP Analysis for Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch Analysis Hanlp 37
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