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The Top 18 Deb Open Source Projects

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Electron Builder ⭐8,227
A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with β€œauto update” support out of the box
Goreleaser ⭐4,902
Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible
Sbt Native Packager ⭐1,306
sbt Native Packager
Nfpm ⭐717
NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go
Open Build Service ⭐506
Build and distribute Linux packages from sources in an automatic, consistent and reproducible way #obs
Fakewechatloc ⭐429
ζ‰‹ζŠŠζ‰‹ζ•™δ½ εˆΆδ½œδΈ€ζ¬ΎiOSθΆŠη‹±App
Jdeb ⭐354
This library provides an Ant task and a Maven plugin to create Debian packages from Java builds in a truly cross platform manner.
Platform Install Packages ⭐353
Official deployment packages to install the Kaltura platform on a server or cluster environments using native OS package managers
Grafana On Raspberry ⭐316
Grafana packages for raspberry pi (armv6/armv7) and aarch64/arm64
Jenkins Bootstrap Shared ⭐217
Jenkins as immutable infrastructure made easy. A repository of shared scripts meant to be used as a git submodule. Packing Jenkins, plugins, and scripts into immutable packages and images.
Tensorflow Build ⭐177
A set of scripts to (cross-)build the Tensorflow C lib for various architectures / OS
Drill ⭐171
Search files without indexing, but clever crawling
Redishappy ⭐106
Redis Sentinel high availabillity daemon
Termux Create Package ⭐75
Python script to create Termux packages easily.
Exrm_deb ⭐74
Create a deb for your elixir release with ease
Fpm Within Docker ⭐70
Leverage fpm inside pre-baked docker images in order to build and test native DEB and RPM packages.
Debreate ⭐53
A utility for creating Debian packages.
Fileshare ⭐34
Debian/Ubuntu applet for screenshots and images sharing using popular online services
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