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Openage ⭐9,429
Free (as in freedom) open source clone of the Age of Empires II engine 🚀
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Modern Cpp Features ⭐8,514
A cheatsheet of modern C++ language and library features.
Awesome Modern Cpp ⭐6,056
A collection of resources on modern C++
Modern Cpp Tutorial ⭐5,780
📚 Modern C++ Tutorial: C++11/14/17/20 On the Fly
Clip ⭐4,993
Create charts and diagrams from the command line
Cpp Taskflow ⭐2,957
A Modern C++ Parallel Task Programming Library
Entt ⭐2,769
Gaming meets modern C++ - a fast and reliable entity-component system (ECS) and much more
Doctest ⭐2,336
The fastest feature-rich C++11/14/17/20 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD
Sol2 ⭐1,946
Sol3 (sol2 v3.0) - a C++ <-> Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:
Boden ⭐1,241
Purely native C++ cross-platform GUI framework for Android and iOS development.
Eos ⭐1,181
A lightweight 3D Morphable Face Model fitting library in modern C++14
Xray 16 ⭐1,153
Improved version of the X-Ray Engine – game engine used in world famous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series by GSC Game World.
Qv2ray ⭐1,108
🌟 Linux / Windows / macOS 跨平台 V2Ray GUI 🔨 使用 C++17 ,支持订阅,扫描二维码,支持自定义路由编辑 🌟
Cpp17_in_tts ⭐1,082
Descriptions of C++17 features, presented mostly in "Tony Tables" (hey, the name wasn't my idea)
Cppinsights ⭐1,037
C++ Insights - See your source code with the eyes of a compiler
Polarphp ⭐1,020
The compiler and runtime of PHP programming language
Pegtl ⭐979
Parsing Expression Grammar Template Library
Compile Time Regular Expressions ⭐969
A Compile time PCRE (almost) compatible regular expression matcher.
Rang ⭐916
A Minimal, Header only Modern c++ library for terminal goodies 💄✨
Jucipp ⭐878
A lightweight & cross-platform IDE supporting the most recent C++ standards
Magic_enum ⭐814
Static reflection for enums (to string, from string, iteration) for modern C++, work with any enum type without any macro or boilerplate code
Vc ⭐799
SIMD Vector Classes for C++
Kfr ⭐754
Fast, modern C++ DSP framework, FFT, Sample Rate Conversion, FIR/IIR/Biquad Filters (SSE, AVX, AVX-512, ARM NEON)
Inspector ⭐741
A drop-anywhere C++ REPL
Magic_get ⭐709
std::tuple like methods for user defined types without any macro or boilerplate code
Pprint ⭐681
Pretty Printer for Modern C++
Osiris ⭐673
Free open-source training software / cheat for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, written in modern C++. GUI powered by imgui.
Elements ⭐640
Elements C++ GUI library
Nameof ⭐624
Nameof operator for modern C++, simply obtain the name of a variable, type, function, macro, and enum
Cmake Ide ⭐618
Use Emacs as a C/C++ IDE
Dyno ⭐550
Runtime polymorphism done right
Acid ⭐534
A high speed C++17 Vulkan game engine
Gsl Lite ⭐526
gsl-lite – A single-file header-only version of ISO C++ Guidelines Support Library (GSL) for C++98, C++11, and later
Xray Oxygen ⭐478
🌀 Oxygen Engine 2.0. [Preview] Discord:
Tabulate ⭐469
Table Maker for Modern C++
30 Seconds Of Cpp ⭐466
30 Seconds of C++ (STL in C++). Read More about 30C++ here 👉
Elle ⭐445
The Elle coroutine-based asynchronous C++ development framework.
Rosettastone ⭐403
Hearthstone simulator using C++ with some reinforcement learning
Variant ⭐392
C++17 `std::variant` for C++11/14/17
Argparse ⭐383
Argument Parser for Modern C++
Kengine ⭐362
The Koala engine is a type-safe and self-documenting implementation of an Entity-Component-System (ECS), with a focus on runtime extensibility and compile-time type safety and clarity.
Opensiv3d ⭐346
🦖 C++17/C++20 framework for creative coding
Fg ⭐345
Rendering abstraction which describes a frame as a directed acyclic graph of render tasks and resources.
Dynarmic ⭐321
An ARM dynamic recompiler.
Cpp Sort ⭐312
Sorting algorithms & related tools for C++14
Trisycl ⭐302
Generic system-wide modern C++ for heterogeneous platforms with SYCL from Khronos Group
Filesystem ⭐288
An implementation of C++17 std::filesystem for C++11 /C++14/C++17 on Windows, macOS and Linux.
Cista ⭐282
Simple C++ Serialization & Reflection.
Json ⭐262
C++ header-only JSON library
Xorstr ⭐250
heavily vectorized c++17 compile time string encryption.
Vulkanscenegraph ⭐250
Vulkan & C++17 based Scene Graph Project
Boost Cookbook ⭐245
Online examples from "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook":
Span Lite ⭐242
span lite - A C++20-like span for C++98, C++11 and later in a single-file header-only library
Optional Lite ⭐229
optional lite - A C++17-like optional, a nullable object for C++98, C++11 and later in a single-file header-only library
Lager ⭐226
C++ library for value-oriented design using the unidirectional data-flow architecture (Redux for C++)
Csv ⭐225
CSV for Modern C++
Aws Lambda Cpp ⭐224
C++ implementation of the AWS Lambda runtime
Vanilla Rtb ⭐223
Real Time Bidding (RTB) - Demand Side Platform framework
Selene ⭐221
A C++17 image representation, processing and I/O library.
Ut ⭐219
[Boost].UT: C++17/20 μ(micro)/Unit Testing Framework
Ashes ⭐217
Drop-in replacement for Vulkan shared library, for older hardware compatibility
Tutorials ⭐204
Repository for my YouTube tutorials + code snippets
Obengine ⭐204
2D Game Engine with Lua Scripting made on top of SFML !
C Cpp Notes ⭐196
Notes about modern C++, C++11, C++14 and C++17, Boost Libraries, ABI, foreign function interface and reference cards.
Q ⭐189
C++ library for Audio Digital Signal Processing
Cpp Jwt ⭐182
JSON Web Token library for C++
Moon ⭐181
A cross-platform,lightweight,scalable game server framework written in C++, and support Lua Script
Openxlsx ⭐181
A C++ library for reading, writing, creating and modifying Microsoft Excel® (.xlsx) files.
Nt_wrapper ⭐177
A wrapper library around native windows sytem APIs
Stdgpu ⭐176
stdgpu: Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU
Travis_cpp_tutorial ⭐169
Tutorial how to use Travis CI with C++
Dpp ⭐168
Directly include C headers in D source code
Cpp Ipc ⭐167
C++ IPC Library: A high-performance inter-process communication using shared memory on Linux/Windows.
String View Lite ⭐166
string_view lite - A C++17-like string_view for C++98, C++11 and later in a single-file header-only library
Variant Lite ⭐155
variant lite - A C++17-like variant, a type-safe union for C++98, C++11 and later in a single-file header-only library
Shiva ⭐154
Modern Cross-Platform C++ Engine with modularity (MIT). Maintains here:
Bigint ⭐153
Arbitrary-sized integer class for C++
Yave ⭐152
Yet Another Vulkan Engine
Te ⭐152
[Boost].TE: C++17 Run-time polymorphism (type erasure) library
Gcem ⭐150
A C++ compile-time math library using generalized constant expressions
Framegraph ⭐149
vulkan abstraction layer that represent frame as a task graph
Eka2l1 ⭐145
An experimental Symbian OS emulator
Nanorpc ⭐142
nanorpc - lightweight RPC in pure C++ 17
Opentimer ⭐141
A High-performance Timing Analysis Tool for VLSI Systems
Avcpp ⭐140
C++ wrapper for FFmpeg
Ogsr Engine ⭐139
OGSR Project - Evolution of X-Ray Engine for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Pichi ⭐137
Flexible Rule-Based Proxy
Variant ⭐135
Eggs.Variant is a C++11/14/17 generic, type-safe, discriminated union.
Wisprenderer ⭐135
RTX Ray Tracing Renderer, made by Y3 students at Breda University of Applied Science
Rubeus ⭐132
A cross platform 2D game engine written in C++ for beginners
Cpp Tour ⭐128
C++ Introductory Tour. Click here to take the tour:
Obfuscate ⭐127
Guaranteed compile-time string literal obfuscation header-only library for C++14
Scelta ⭐123
(experimental) Syntactic sugar for variant and optional types.
Construct ⭐120
This is The Construct
Seqan3 ⭐119
The modern C++ library for sequence analysis. Contains version 3 of the library and API docs.
Vrt ⭐115
🔅 Ray tracing library for Vulkan API (indev)
Pomdog ⭐112
An open source game engine for C++17 🐶 🎮
Vim Cpp Modern ⭐107
Extended Vim syntax highlighting for C and C++ (C++11/14/17/20)
Forest ⭐107
Template Library of Tree Data Structures in C++17
Fastor ⭐106
A light-weight high performance SIMD optimised tensor algebra framework in C++11/14/17
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