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Androidutilcode 25,707
🔥 Android developers should collect the following utils(updating).
Sdwebimage 22,178
Asynchronous image downloader with cache support as a UIImageView category
Kingfisher 15,300
A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web.
Redisson 11,394
Redisson - Redis Java client with features of In-Memory Data Grid. Supports over 30 objects and services: Set, Multimap, SortedSet, Map, List, Queue, Deque, Semaphore, Lock, AtomicLong, Map Reduce, Publish / Subscribe, Bloom filter, Spring Cache, Tomcat, Scheduler, JCache API, Hibernate, RPC.
Weixinmpsdk 5,702
微信公众平台SDK Senparc.Weixin for C#,支持.NET Framework及.NET Core。已支持微信公众号、小程序、小游戏、企业号、企业微信、开放平台、微信支付、JSSDK、微信周边等全平台。 WeChat SDK for C#.
Boltons 5,012
🔩 Like builtins, but boltons. 230+ constructs, recipes, and snippets which extend (and rely on nothing but) the Python standard library. Nothing like Michael Bolton.
Nuke 4,284
Powerful image loading and caching system
Androidvideocache 3,822
Cache support for any video player with help of single line
Go Cache 3,296
An in-memory key:value store/cache (similar to Memcached) library for Go, suitable for single-machine applications.
Dynomite 3,262
A generic dynamo implementation for different k-v storage engines
Bigcache 2,971
Efficient cache for gigabytes of data written in Go.
Doctrinecachebundle 2,617
Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine Cache
Cache 2,561
The Cache component provides an extended PSR-6 implementation for adding cache to your applications.
React Query 2,420
⚛️ Hooks for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data in React
Pincache 2,244
Fast, non-deadlocking parallel object cache for iOS, tvOS and OS X
Jetcache 1,986
JetCache is a Java cache framework.
Phpfastcache 1,978
A high-performance backend cache system. It is intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Well implemented, it can drops the database load to almost nothing, yielding faster page load times for users, better resource utilization. It is simple yet powerful.
Cache 1,955
📦 Nothing but Cache.
Akavache 1,888
An asynchronous, persistent key-value store created for writing desktop and mobile applications, based on SQLite3. Akavache is great for both storing important data as well as cached local data that expires.
Gf 1,736
GoFrame is a modular, full-featured and production-ready application development framework of golang. Providing a series of core components and dozens of practical modules, such as: cache, logging, containers, timer, resource, validator, database orm, etc. Supporting web server integrated with router, cookie, session, middleware, logger, configure, template, https, hooks, rewrites and many more features.
Ristretto 1,710
A high performance memory-bound Go cache
Ktvhttpcache 1,699
A powerful media cache framework.
Cachemanager 1,586
CacheManager is an open source caching abstraction layer for .NET written in C#. It supports various cache providers and implements many advanced features.
Xsnow 1,586
Springbootlearning 1,580
《Spring Boot教程》源码
Ppnetworkhelper 1,525
AFNetworking 3.x 与YYCache封装
Nuster 1,521
A high performance HTTP proxy cache server and RESTful NoSQL cache server based on HAProxy
Cachewebview 1,398
Custom implement Android WebView cache, offline website, let cahe config more simple and flexible
Egocache 1,343
Fast Caching for Objective-C (iPhone & Mac Compatible)
Laravel Responsecache 1,305
Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
Dotweb 1,280
Simple and easy go web micro framework
Awesomecache 1,179
Delightful on-disk cache (written in Swift)
Overlord 1,152
Vmtouch 1,124
Portable file system cache diagnostics and control
Ffimageloading 1,121
Image loading, caching & transforming library for Xamarin and Windows
Gcache 999
Cache library for golang. It supports expirable Cache, LFU, LRU and ARC.
Keyv 923
Simple key-value storage with support for multiple backends
Node Cache 921
a node internal caching module
Spring Boot 884
spring-boot 项目实践总结
Cachep2p 853
"More users = More capacity"
Next Offline 827
make your Next.js application work offline using service workers via Google's workbox
React Native Cached Image 778
CachedImage component for react-native
Vue Navigation 774
A page navigation library, record routes and cache pages, like native app navigation. 一个页面导航库,记录路由并缓存页面,像原生APP导航一样。
Apicache 771
Simple API-caching middleware for Express/Node.
Ccache 725
ccache – a fast compiler cache
Yac 717
A fast shared memory user data cache for PHP
React Native Img Cache 693
Image Cache for React Native
Xmemcached 672
High performance, easy to use multithreaded memcached client in java.
Reservoir 672
Android library to easily serialize and cache your objects to disk using key/value pairs.
Easycaching 669
💥 EasyCaching is an open source caching library that contains basic usages and some advanced usages of caching which can help us to handle caching more easier!
Django Cachalot 668
No effort, no worry, maximum performance.
Cache Contracts 654
A set of cache abstractions extracted out of the Symfony components
Laravel Repositories 651
Rinvex Repository is a simple, intuitive, and smart implementation of Active Repository with extremely flexible & granular caching system for Laravel, used to abstract the data layer, making applications more flexible to maintain.
Lazycache 648
An easy to use thread safe in-memory caching service with a simple developer friendly API for c#
Vimediacache 616
Cache media file while play media using AVPlayer
Universal 616
Seed project for Angular Universal apps featuring Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Webpack, CLI scaffolding, dev/prod modes, AoT compilation, HMR, SCSS compilation, lazy loading, config, cache, i18n, SEO, and TSLint/codelyzer
Python Diskcache 609
Python disk-backed cache (Django-compatible). Faster than Redis and Memcached. Pure-Python.
Smartsql 601
SmartSql = MyBatis in C# + .NET Core+ Cache(Memory | Redis) + R/W Splitting + PropertyChangedTrack +Dynamic Repository + InvokeSync + Diagnostics
Once 596
A magic memoization function
Fastcache 594
Fast thread-safe inmemory cache for big number of entries in Go. Minimizes GC overhead
Java Knowledge Mind Map 578
Retrofitcache 576
Cache Loader 557
Caches the result of following loaders on disk
Rome 539
Carthage cache for S3, Minio, Ceph, Google Storare, Artifactory and many others
Carlos 523
A simple but flexible cache
Dataloader 516
Implementation of Facebook's DataLoader in Golang
Httpcache 482
A Transport for http.Client that will cache responses according to the HTTP RFC
Bloom 467
🌸 HTTP REST API caching middleware, to be used between load balancers and REST API workers.
Nebulex 466
A fast, flexible and powerful distributed caching framework for Elixir
Extended_image 450
A powerful official extension library of image, which support placeholder(loading)/ failed state, cache network, zoom pan image, photo view, slide out page, editor(crop,rotate,flip), paint custom etc.
Flask Caching 427
Continuation of the Flask-Cache Extension.
Libmc 420
Fast and light-weight memcached client for C++ / #python / #golang #libmc
Valuestore 415
Easily store some values
Redis 412
Vapor provider for RedisKit + RedisNIO
Devutils 407
🔥 (持续更新, 目前含100+工具类) DevUtils 是一个 Android 工具库, 主要根据不同功能模块,封装快捷使用的工具类及 API 方法调用。 该项目尽可能的便于开发人员,快捷、快速开发安全可靠的项目,以及内置部分常用的资源文件,如 color.xml
React Router Cache Route 391
Route with cache for React-Router like <keep-alive/> in Vue
Axios Extensions 388
🍱 axios extensions lib, including throttle and cache GET request features etc...
Ledge 386
An RFC compliant and ESI capable HTTP cache for Nginx / OpenResty, backed by Redis
Edgedns 383
A high performance DNS cache designed for Content Delivery Networks
Cache2k 381
Lightweight, high performance Java caching
Miox 376
Modern infrastructure of complex SPA :
Offix 372
GraphQL Offline Client and Server
Nfx 368
C# Server UNISTACK framework [MOVED]
Eightpointsguzzlebundle 366
⛽️ Integrates Guzzle 6.x, a PHP HTTP Client, into Symfony
Memento 366
Memento is a development-only tool that caches HTTP calls once they have been executed.
Lesti_fpc 361
Simple Magento Fullpagecache
Ring 350
Python cache interface with clean API and built-in memcache & redis + asyncio support.
Rxcache 350
简单一步,缓存搞定。这是一个专用于 RxJava,解决 Android 中对任何 Observable 发出的结果做缓存处理的框架
Olric 349
Distributed, eventually consistent and in-memory key/value data store and cache. It can be used both as an embedded Go library and as a language-independent service.
Second_level_cache 348
Write Through and Read Through caching library inspired by CacheMoney and cache_fu, support ActiveRecord 4 and 5.
Foshttpcachebundle 341
Use the FOSHttpCache library in your Symfony projects
Libshmcache 341
libshmcache is a local cache in the share memory for multi processes. high performance due to read is lockless. libshmcache is 100+ times faster than a remote interface such as redis.
Lada Cache 338
A Redis based, fully automated and scalable database cache layer for Laravel 5.1+
React Esi 335
React ESI: Blazing-fast Server-Side Rendering for React and Next.js
Hibernate Redis 332
hibernate 2nd level cache privder using redis
Kache 319
A simple in memory cache written using go
Compoxure 317
Proxy middleware for express that enables composition of microservices.
Daisynet 316
1. - Alamofire与Cache封装 , 更容易存储请求数据. 2. - 封装Alamofire下载,使用更方便
Aiocache 311
Asyncio cache manager for redis, memcached and memory
Stackexchange.redis.extensions 310
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