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The “Institute of Current Students” Website (web based application) is useful for the students, faculty, guest who likes to display result as well schedules of examination and all that task like event, news, students can find out list of fresh courses offered by them and admission procedure, discussion forum, fee structure etc. without going to institute. It provides the facility to the students or guest to have complete information about the institute. In this website, does not need to perform papers work likes to make result sheet on papers and then put on the notice board. But on this site just go to the database and update the result and other information. “Institute of Current Students” is a web enabled project with client server application. This website is an initiative to take all the academic and administrative processes of the Institute for IT backbone. This Project is purely web-based that can be accessed from any part of the world with the help of any standard web browser and a working internet connection. “Institute of Current Students” is an automation system which is used to store the information of Institute, faculty, student, exams, and results in the Institute database. Starting from registration of a new student in the institute, it maintains all the details regarding the details about the student and marks of the students. We can also call institute as “Institute Information Centre”. Institute Information Centre provides a solution of all problems in the form of easy to configure and use application by automating all the functionality. To make this website work successfully I shall be using some latest technology such as BOOTSTRAP FRAMEWORK for designing, PHP as the Development Platform and MYSQL as the Database Management environment.
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