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Awesome Functional Programming ⭐2,399
Yet another resource for collecting articles, videos etc. regarding functional programming
Double Your Income By Passing Coding Interviews ⭐Sponsored
Top tech companies pay 2-3x as much as other companies. To pass their interviews, you need to study. Let a software engineer who hired thousands of engineers on Google's hiring committee teach you to solve problems you will face in real interviews, so you can get a job with life changing compensation.
Any Rule ⭐2,264
🦕 常用正则大全, 支持web / vscode插件2种查询方式.
Awesome Egg ⭐704
Awesome Egg.js Web Framework and Plugin.
Awesome Torch ⭐575
A curated list of awesome Torch tutorials, projects and communities
Meetup ⭐307
【❤️ 互联网最全大厂技术分享PPT 👍🏻 持续更新中!】🍻各大技术交流会、活动资料汇总 ,如 👉QCon👉全球运维技术大会 👉 GDG 👉 全球技术领导力峰会👉大前端大会👉架构师峰会👉敏捷开发DevOps👉OpenResty👉Elastic,欢迎 PR / Issues
Flesh ⭐304
Awesome Dataset Tools ⭐273
🔧 A curated list of awesome dataset tools
Awesome Kotlin Android ⭐151
awesome kotlin for android !
Awesome Shiny Apps For Statistics ⭐112
🌟 A curated list of Awesome Shiny Apps for Statistics (ASAS)🌟
Mini Program ⭐101
awesome mini-program. 微信小程序资料收集。
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