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Am writing about "OUR" achievement of winning the 2nd place in "E-sus Mobile Applications Competition" in which, competitors creates Mobile applications and research ideas for solving the "SDGs" sustainable development goals of the UN. Our team's submitted application was named after me "Healthy Wealthy"; we worked on the Public Health. The application uses location services to find the nearest (Hospital, Pharmacy, and even Doctor In the selected specification). Also, it creates a medical profile for each user where you can add all your history, and automatically, the application creates a special QR code for you "Patient" that you can scan it to get all data about you. another service in our application was "Blood bank" in which you donate/request blood from people near you, offering payment or no. which will make it easier to request and donate blood ! another important service was the "Ambulance" in which you click the emergency button and the application calls and sends your Coordinates to the ambulance for Urgent actions. (the government shall support an API for that). one thing else, is that we've created a service for the governmental alerts with notifications for the users. For instance: (all 6 years old children shall be vaccinated against virus C in all the public hospitals, from 17/4 till 24/4). another, is that we've added a service that is specialized in predicting the possible diseases to harm you if your parents had, like those which can be transmitted genetically. another service, is we've created "ask a doctor" tab, where you can ask a doctor for Urgent help, supporting image uploading, then the doctor looks at your profile and your restrictions then starts to give you advice. the application will support booking appointments with doctors and hospital, providing the nearest navigation to those hospitals/Doctors. $$ This application was built with #Flutter using #Dart #lang and created a mobile application for #Android and #iOS $$ all the Databases were built by using #FireBase and we used #Google #GMaps #API Am also honored to be the coder for this application, by helping from my researcher friend Abd El-naser and designer friend Mohamed Hesham ❤️ Thank you guys ❤️
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