Alternatives To Zynq_hls_ddr_axi_ips_multiple_clock
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5 days ago81gpl-3.0Python
A C-like hardware description language (HDL) adding high level synthesis(HLS)-like automatic pipelining as a language construct/compiler feature.
4 years ago6lgpl-3.0VHDL
Reverse engineered SystemVerilog RTL version of the Yamaha OPL3 (YMF262) FM Synthesizer
Vhdl Extras156
4 months ago3VHDL
Flexible VHDL library
23 years ago3October 19, 201712mitPython
HDL symbol generator
Sdram Fpga65
3 years ago3mitVHDL
A FPGA core for a simple SDRAM controller.
6 years ago1agpl-3.0VHDL
27-Queens Puzzle: Massively Parellel Enumeration and Solution Counting
6 years ago1mitVHDL
VHDL FPGA design of an optimized Blake2b pipeline to mine Siacoin
Rudi Rv32i41
3 years ago2mitVHDL
A rudimental RISCV CPU supporting RV32I instructions, in VHDL
2 years ago2VHDL
SD card based ProFile replacement for IIe
Vhdl Hdmi Out33
a year ago1mitVHDL
HDMI Out VHDL code for 7-series Xilinx FPGAs
Alternatives To Zynq_hls_ddr_axi_ips_multiple_clock
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This is a project integrating IP and CortexA9 on Zynq. This CPU-FPGA project with IP cores in different clock domains, for Matrix Multiplication Dataflow, is implemented with dataflow and DDR3 access with HLS. The Cortex A9 will print the result via UART and check the result by comparing the data with the one from CPU compuation. Compared with the DDR test implemented in here and an application of matrix multiplication here, this project implements a practical project, with IP cores in different clock domains, for Matrix Multiplication, including data generation, FPGA acceleration and result checking.

If this blog is useful for you, a STAR will be encouragement to me. LOL

Vivado IPs part:

  1. Please firsr import the Vivado projects (2mm_freqChange) and the source code can be found here and HLSTimer, the source code can be found here)
  2. Synthesis them and export them as IPs

Vivado Project part:

  1. Please import the Vivado project (ZedBoard_HLS_kernel_2mm.hw)
  2. Add IP repository which includes the exported HLS IPs and refresh IP catalog
  3. Generated the bitstream and export the hardware to local project
  4. Launch SDK via Vivado

Xilinx SDK part:

  1. please refer to ug871-vivado-high-level-synthesis-tutorial.pdf (Chapter 10)
  2. you can find the source code for Cortex A9 in the directory (https://github.com/zslwyuan/Zynq_HLS_DDR_AXI_IPs_Multiple_Clock/tree/master/HLSMultiIPDiffClock_0907/HLSMultiIPDiffClock_0907.sdk/clockChange). The main function is in the file helloworld.c. More details are described in the comments in the source code.

Very Detailed Instruction:

please refer to ug871-vivado-high-level-synthesis-tutorial.pdf (Chapter 10)

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