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Awesome Open Source

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Hello there!

Those are my bspwm dotfiles, hope you find something useful here ^^

Specific rices configs and colorschemes are here and general configuration files are here. You will need both.

I hope you understand everything here. 😉

Here are some details about my setup:

  • WM : bspwm ğŸŽ¨ 4 changable themes/mode!
  • DM : getty 🌼 minimal DM!
  • Shell : zsh 🐚 with oh my zsh framework!
  • Terminal : kitty 🐱
  • Panel : polybar 🍧 using nerd fonts glyphs as icons!
  • Compositor : picom ✨
  • Notify Daemon : Dunst 🍃 minimalism!
  • Application Launcher : Rofi 🚀 apps & sidebar menu!
  • File Manager : Thunar 🔖 customized sidebar & icon!
  • Text Editor : nvim 💻

alt text

🍁 Horizon

alt text

🌴 Gruvbox

alt text

🌸 PinkNord

alt text

🌊 SolarizedDark

alt text

ğŸŽ€ PinkNordAlternative (Fleon based)

alt text


alt text

Custom Theme Swap Utility

Click the brush icon

alt text

Choose the rice that you desire

alt text

Nice! Now you have a completely look and feel for your Linux desktop!

alt text

alt text

[WARNING]: Installation scripts are still work in progress. Use them at your own risk!!

[WARNING!]: These are my personal config files, executing these scripts will overwrite several files in your system, only execute these in case you have a backup of your files.


mkdir -p ~/Documents/git-lab && git clone ~/Documents/git-lab/dotfiles && cd ~/Documents/git-lab/dotfiles

Executing the script

You can install one of them by running the setup executable.

Installing necessary packages:

[WARNING!]: Support for Arch Linux based systems only (installation via pacman).


./ <ARG> 

where <ARG> may be:

pacman       - installs necessary packages from pacman
aur          - installs necessary packages from AUR and external sources
themes       - installs .themes, .icons, .fonts, wallpapers and necessary/personal scripts

You can also do:


where <ARG> may be:

rice         - installs <RICE_NAME> rice
all          - installs all at once: pacman packages, aur packages, GTK themes, etc. And finally installs <RICE_NAME> theme if this argument was passed

where <RICE_NAME> may be:

nord                    - Classic Nord look
pink-nord               - Pink Nord look
pink-nord-alternative   - Based on Fleon look
gruvbox                 - Classic Gruvbox look
solarized-dark          - Solarized Dark look
horizon                 - Based on VS Code Horizon Theme
doombox                 - Doom version of gruvbox

example: all pink-nord

(this command would install all necessary packages, themes, icons and would install pink-nord rice)


You can try to install all at once by using "all" argument, however I'd install it one by one in case any installation fails. I'd follow this order: pacman, aur, themes, rice.

Deprecated (old rices, these need a lot of cleaning)

dracula                 - Classic Dracula look

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