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knowQA Source Code by RUCIR

Baseline, BERTfine-tuning, F10.35


Before launch the script install these packages in your Python3 environment:

  • pytorch >= 1.4
  • transformers 4.2.0

Conda :)

 conda create -n knowqa -c pytorch python=3.6 pytorch
 conda activate knowqa
 pip install transformers==4.2.0 tqdm -i

Huggingface BERT-base-uncasedpytorch_model.bin, ./models/bert/

git clone knowqa
cd knowqa
wget -O ./models/bert/pytorch_model.bin

Launch the script

. ./output/score.txt,


: ./data/:(

Experimental Results


mode=1: top5termmask

mode=2(): term mask, term1, term

Models F1 on testset
Official baseline 0.172
Ours (mode=1) 0.2574
Ours (mode=2) 0.3536


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