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中文详解 the name of Dr.Light is inspird by Dr.Strange, it is a very simple,light kit to avoid crash in some cases.

range of protection

  • fresh ui in nonmain thread.

  • add/remove KVO unpaired

  • pushing viewcontrollers frequently within a short perid.
    for example,add push code in viewDidLoad,before viewDidAppear has called,it is dangerous.It may caused crash cannot addsubView:self.

    pushing the same viewcontroller into one stack.

  • send unrecognized selector



pod 'DrLight'


import the files you needed into your project.


ui thread-safety

just include UIView+ViewCrashSafety.h、UIView+ViewCrashSafety.m in your project.

kvo safety

include UIView+ViewCrashSafety.hUIView+ViewCrashSafety.m in your project,then import the header.

#import "NSObject+KVOCrashSafety.h"

start protection for the KVO logic you coded.

school = [[School alloc] init];
school.schoolName = @"First school";
school.kvoSafteyToggle = YES;
[school addObserver:self forKeyPath:@"schoolName" options:NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew context:nil];

navigation safety

include UINavigationController+NestedPushCrashSafety.hUINavigationController+NestedPushCrashSafety.m in your project. set the limit of time interval between pushing viewcontroller,defaut is 0.1.

self.navigationController.navStackChangeInterval = 0.1;

unrecognized selector safety

include NSObject+SelectorCrashSafety.hNSObject+SelectorCrashSafety.m in your project.


the safaty toggle closed by default in debug mode in order to discover crash problems in the development phase. If you are eager to turn on the protection in debug mode, please comment out this line of code #define DRLIGHT_TOGGLE_CLOSED.


I'll add more features in a later release,you can contact me [email protected].


DrLight is released under a BSD License. See LICENSE file for details.

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