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Data Structures and Algorithms

For Hacktoberfest 2018!

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This repository consists of data-structures and algorithms sorted by programming language.

Contributing Guidelines

  • The repository is structured language-wise i.e. algorithms in a certain language go in a specific folder.
  • The naming convention to be followed is algo_name.language_extention i.e. the overall pathshould be language/algo_name.language_extention
  • Example of above points: heap sort in Java should go into java/
  • It is your choice to include only the function or the entire program for the algorithms.
  • If folder for your language does not exist, create a new one.
  • Don't be afraid to make a PR!

How to make PR

  1. Fork repository onto your own account.
  2. Make your changes on your forked repository.
  3. Make Pull Request to master and enjoy.

Hack on! God Speed

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