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Ping multiple hosts concurrently and find the fastest to you.


pip3 install -U mping


Just tell which host is the fastest:


Get hosts from a file, and ping them:

mping -p PATH/TO/THE/FILE.txt

Read Input File section below for more details.

The results will be like this:

host      | count, loss%, min/avg/max
----------|-------------------------- | 99, 0.0%, 5.4/6.8/14.1 | 90, 0.0%, 23.8/33.5/39.5 | 77, 0.4%, 37.4/39.1/43.6

The count number represents how many replies returned from each host.

Also check out the help stuff for more instructions:

mping -h

Input File

You can use either a plain text file or a Json file as the -p / --path argument.

Plain Text File

When use a plain text file, just place each host in a line.

For example:

Json File

You can also use a json file as the input hosts, and below is the 2 modes:

Put hosts in a list:


Or in an object (dict) with names:

   "S1": "",
   "S2": "",
   "S3": ""

The names will be printed in the results.

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