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Docker compose for tidis
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Run Tidis in one command using docker-compose

  1. Clone tidis-docker-compose repo
~ git clone https://github.com/yongman/tidis-docker-compose.git
  1. Run
~ cd tidis-docker-compose/

~ docker-compose up -d
Creating network "docker_default" with the default driver
Creating docker_pd_1 ... done
Creating docker_tikv_1 ... done
Creating docker_tidis_1 ... done
  1. Stop and delete
~ docker-compose down

This compose file is just use one pd and one tikv instance for test, not for production

  1. Run for dev

Replace YOUR_CODE_PATH to tidis source code directory path

~ cd tidis-docker-compose
~ TIDIS_DIR_SRC=YOUR_CODE_PATH docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up -d
Creating network "tidis-docker-compose_default" with the default driver
Creating tidis-docker-compose_pd_1 ... done
Creating tidis-docker-compose_tikv_1 ... done
Creating tidis-docker-compose_tidis_1 ... done
~ docker exec -it tidis-docker-compose_tidis_1 /bin/bash
[email protected]:/go# cd /go/src/github.com/yongman/tidis/
[email protected]:/go/src/github.com/yongman/tidis# make
go build -o bin/tidis-server cmd/server/*
[email protected]:/go/src/github.com/yongman/tidis# ./bin/tidis-server -conf ./config.toml -backend pd:2379

Then you can connect localhost:5379 by redis client.

After finish dev, run following command will destroy all docker containers.

~ docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml down 
WARNING: The TIDIS_DIR_SRC variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
Stopping tidis-docker-compose_tidis_1 ... done
Stopping tidis-docker-compose_tikv_1  ... done
Stopping tidis-docker-compose_pd_1    ... done
Removing tidis-docker-compose_tidis_1 ... done
Removing tidis-docker-compose_tikv_1  ... done
Removing tidis-docker-compose_pd_1    ... done
Removing network tidis-docker-compose_default
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