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Scala Play React Seed

Use play framework to develop the web application backend/services and frontend using React Create App, all in a totally integrated workflow and single unified console. This approach will deliver perfect development experience without CORS hassle.

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Scala Play React Seed

Version Summary

How to use it?


Let's get started,

  • Fork or clone this repository.

  • Used any of the following SBT commands which will intern trigger frontend associated npm scripts.

    sbt clean           # Clean existing build artifacts

    sbt stage           # Build your application from your project’s source directory

    sbt run             # Run both backend and frontend builds in watch mode

    sbt dist            # Build both backend and frontend sources into a single distribution artifact

    sbt test            # Run both backend and frontend unit tests
  • This seed is not using scala play views. All the views and frontend associated routes are served via React code base under ui directory.

Complete Directory Layout

├── /app/                                 # The backend (scala play) sources (controllers, models, services)
│     └── /controllers/                   # Backend controllers
│           └── FrontendController.scala  # Asset controller wrapper serving frontend assets and artifacts
├── /conf/                                # Configurations files and other non-compiled resources (on classpath)
│     ├── application.conf                # Play application configuratiion file.
│     ├── logback.xml                     # Logging configuration
│     └── routes                          # Routes definition file
├── /logs/                                # Log directory
│     └── application.log                 # Application log file
├── /project/                             # Contains project build configuration and plugins
│     ├── FrontendCommands.scala          # Frontend build command mapping configuration
│     ├── FrontendRunHook.scala           # Forntend build PlayRunHook (trigger frontend serve on sbt run)
│     ├──                # Marker for sbt project
│     └── plugins.sbt                     # SBT plugins declaration
├── /public/                              # Frontend build artifacts will be copied to this directory
├── /target/                              # Play project build artifact directory
│     ├── /universal/                     # Application packaging
│     └── /web/                           # Compiled web assets
├── /test/                                # Contains unit tests of backend sources
├── /ui/                                  # React frontend source (based on Create React App)
│     ├── /public/                        # Contains the index.html file
│     ├── /node_modules/                  # 3rd-party frontend libraries and utilities
│     ├── /src/                           # The frontend source codebase of the application
│     ├── .editorconfig                   # Define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs
│     ├── .gitignore                      # Contains ui files to be ignored when pushing to git
│     ├── package.json                    # NPM configuration of frontend source
│     ├──                       # Contains all user guide details for the ui
│     └── yarn.lock                       # Yarn lock file
├── .gitignore                            # Contains files to be ignored when pushing to git
├── build.sbt                             # Play application SBT configuration
├── LICENSE                               # License Agreement file
├──                             # Application user guide
└── ui-build.sbt                          # SBT command hooks associated with frontend npm scripts 

What is new in here?


  • Frontend build command mapping configuration.
    ├── /project/
    │     ├── FrontendCommands.scala


  • PlayRunHook implementation to trigger npm run start on sbt run.
    ├── /project/
    │     ├── FrontendRunHook.scala


  • Asset controller wrapper serving frontend assets and artifacts.
    ├── /app/                                 
    │     └── /controllers/                   
    │           └── FrontendController.scala


  • This file contains the build task hooks to trigger frontend npm scripts on sbt command execution.

npm run commands

├── /ui/                       
│     ├── package.json          


├── /conf/      
│     ├── routes
  • The following route configuration map index.html to entry route (root). This should be placed as the initial route.
GET        /             controllers.FrontendController.index()
  • All API routes should be prefixed with API prefix defined under application.conf (Default prefix apiPrefix = "api")

Example API route:

GET        /api/summary  controllers.HomeController.appSummary
  • The following route is being used to serve frontend associated build artifacts (css, js) and static assets (images, etc.). This should be placed as the final route.
GET        /*file        controllers.FrontendController.assetOrDefault(file)

Note: On production build all the front end React build artifacts will be copied to the public folder.

Can be used to implement any front end/ui build!

  • Simply replace the ui directory with the build of your choice
  • Make output directory ROOT/public/
  • Implement a proxy to localhost:9000

Looking for some other frontend framework or language choice


Yohan Gomez

Lahiru Jayamanna

Gayan Attygalla


This software is licensed under the MIT license

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