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Yfiton is an API and command-line utility to send notifications using well-known or modern communication services.


You can download one of the distributions from the releases section.

Once unpacked, the folder associated to the distribution is referred to as YFITON_HOME.

For running Yfiton, add YFITON_HOME/bin to your PATH environment variable.

Then, to check if Yfiton is properly installed, type yfiton --version.

Basic usage

Triggering beep(s) using default speaker:

$ yfiton -n beep
$ yfiton -n beep -Ppattern="*** ** *"

Displaying rich desktop notification(s):

$ yfiton -n desktop -Pmessage="Lunch time!"
$ yfiton -n desktop -Pmessage="Lunch time!" -PhideAfter=10 -Pposition=TOP_RIGHT

Sending an email:

$ yfiton -n email [email protected] [email protected] \
    -Psubject="Build failure!" -Pbody="Build #42 has failed!" [email protected]

Publishing a message on Facebook:

$ yfiton -n facebook -Pmessage="I have bougth the new Xbox Elite controller. Incredible!"
$ yfiton -n facebook -Pmessage="My new puzzle!" -Pphoto=path/to/your/photo.jpg

Pushing a notification with Pushbullet:

$ yfiton -n pushbullet -Ptitle="Weather alert!" -Pbody="Hurricane approaches"
$ yfiton -n pushbullet -Pbody="Please find report" -Pfile=path/to/file.extension
$ yfiton -n pushbullet -Pbody="New daily deal" -Purl=""

Sending notification to Slack:

$ yfiton -n slack -Pmessage="Quick design session at 2pm"
$ yfiton -n slack -Pmessage="1 2 3 soleil!" -Pchannel=#random

Updating Twitter status:

$ yfiton -n twitter -Pstatus="5 Tips for Growing Your Business #marketing"

Advanced usage

Yfiton is provided with several notifiers that allow sending notifications using well-known or modern communication services. You can list available notifiers as follows:

$ yfiton --list-notifiers

A notifier is identified by a unique name. For instance, Facebook notifier has unique identifier facebook. It is possible to describe available parameters for Facebook notifier as below:

$ yfiton --describe-notifier facebook

Most of the notifiers require to connect to a third-party service. Authentication parameters are stored by default in $HOME/.yfiton.


Yfiton is released under Apache Software Foundation License v2.0. See LICENSE file included for more details.


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