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IoT MCU Workshop

This is an introductory IoT ESP32 Microcontroller workshop to get acquainted with microcontroller programming and simple electronics.

An ESP32-based microcontroller breakout was chosen as it is Arduino-compatible and has both Wifi and BLE capabilities.

Lesson Plan

  1. Serial - Setting up of software SDK and testing
  2. Blink - Connecting and blinking LED
  3. Button - Connecting button and try to detect press
  4. Debounce - Concept of input debouncing
  5. Post - Posting Request to a server on button press
  6. Get - Repeatedly polling the server for on or off instruction

Install CP2102 drivers, Arduino and ESP32 SDK

  1. Download and install Silabs CP2102 drivers for Mac. Windows 10 will automatically install the drivers when you plug in the board.

  2. Download and install the latest Arduino IDE which is 1.8.9 at time of writing.

  3. Configure Arduino Preferences. Click the Arduino menu and select Preferences. Select the options:

    • Show verbose output during compilation and upload
    • Compiler warnings: All
    • Display line numbers
    • Verify code after upload
    • Additional Boards Manager URLs:

  1. Download ESP32 Arduino SDK: Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager. Search for ESP32 and install.

Hardware Required

Item Price SG$ Purchase Source
GOOUUU ESP32 Dev kit 28
50cm Micro-USB cable 3
Half-size breadboard 6
5mm Red LED 1
330ohm resistor 0.70
Push Button 0.50
10K ohm resistor 0.70
Total $39.9

Modifying connection diagrams

The connection diagrams were created using Kicad and Fritzing.

DoIT ES32 dev kit Fritzing design was obtained from

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