javascript fulltext search engine library


The main modification on this fork is conversion to closure library module using YDN-DB database library.

A javascript-based fulltext search engine library.

Fullproof provides a full stack of components for managing a search engine in javascript.

Its main features are:

  • Boolean and Scoring search engines available, depending on the kind of search your application needs
  • Automatic HTML5 storage detection, and graceful degradation, with a configurable constraint-based capabilities system. Currently manages WebSQL, IndexedDB and Memory data storage.
  • Full unicode support and normalization, diacritical marks removal, stemming and phonetical algorithms (currently available for english and french)
  • Configurable and very easely extensible parsing and token normalization system
  • Easy to integrate, zero external dependency, ~100k minified

Note that fullproof is NOT a document management system, it does only one thing: provide fulltext search to your application, it does not aim at storing documents or data.


Fullproof is released under the terms of the Apache License, version 2.0, january 2004

##Useful Links


The tools directory contains build-all.sh that can be used to create a convenient fullproof-all.js file containing everything you might need to get going on a Fullproof project. Note that in a production system you may want to just include specific Javascript files, not everything (see the examples).

To build fullproof-all.js:

$ cd tools
$ ./build-all.sh

If you have the Google closure compiler (see https://developers.google.com/closure/compiler/) you might prefer to run

$ cd tools
$ CLOSURE_COMPILER_JAR=/path/to/your/compiler.jar ./build-all.sh

All output from the build process will appear in the top-level build directory. In particular, see build/js/fullproof-all.js.

##Contribute !

You can help improve fullproof and fulltext research by creating new algorithms:

  • Tokenizers for specific formats and/or languages (html, pdf, epub, etc, or any language where tokenization have special rules)
  • New normalizers: Normalizers help improve drastically the quality of the search. The current token normalizers for english (porter stemmer, metaphone, etc) are rather naive and can surely be enhanced. If you are a native speaker for a non-english language, you can also help by providing normalizers adapted to your language.
  • More stores. Think you can optimize the current stores implementation ? Or create a new store ? Go ahead!

You can fork fullproof at reyesr/fullproof