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Awesome Open Source


Backup all your current dotfiles, this dotfiles will delete them without any warnings.

NerdFonts is required for the icon-fonts in ls to work.


You can check out this dotfiles with docker:

docker run --rm -it yasinuslu/dotfiles


git clone
cd dotfiles
./ install

Then if you want to apply one of the user profiles:

./ apply-nepjua-config

Available profiles:

  • nepjua => apply-nepjua-config


We use fish, just run fish

Make fish your default shell

  • In POSIX compliant shells like bash or zsh

    chsh -s $(which fish)
  • In fish

    chsh -s (which fish)


Can not copy the text from tmux

If you're on Mac OS, chances are you might be missing this package:

brew install reattach-to-user-namespace

Also would be helpful to see this post


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