Better parametric search for components available for JLC PCB assembly


JLC PCB SMD Assembly Component Catalogue

A better tool to browse the components offered by the JLC PCB SMT Assembly Service.

How To Use It?

Just visit:


Probably all of us love JLC PCB SMT assembly service. It is easy to use, cheap and fast. However, you can use only components from their catalogue. This is not as bad, since the library is quite broad. However, the library UI sucks. You can only browse the categories, do full-text search. You cannot do parametric search nor sort by property. That's why I created a simple page which presents the catalogue in much nicer form. You can:

  • do full-text search
  • browse categories
  • parametric search
  • sort by any component attribute
  • sort by price based on quantity
  • easily access datasheet and LCSC product page.

Do You Enjoy It? Does It Make Your Life Easier?


Support on Ko-Fi allows me to develop such tools as this one and perform hardware-related experiments.

How Does It Look Like?

Title page

Preview 1

Property filter

Preview 2

Component detail

Preview 3

How Does It Work?

The page has no backend so it can be easily hosted on GitHub Pages. Therefore, Travis CI download XLS spreadsheet from the JLC PCB page, a Python script process it and it generates per-category JSON file with components.

The frontend uses IndexedDB in the browser to store the component library and perform queries on it. Therefore, before the first use, you have to download the component library and it can take a while. Then, all the queries are performed locally.


To get started with developing the frontend, you will need NodeJS & Python 3.

Set up the Python portion of the program by running:

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -e .

Then to download the cached parts list and process it, run:

$ wget 
$ wget
$ wget
$ 7z x
$ mkdir -p web/public/data/
$ jlcparts buildtables cache.sqlite3 web/public/data

To launch the frontend web server, run:

$ cd web
$ npm install
$ npm start

The Page Is Broken!

Feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

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  • PcbDraw: a tool for making nice schematic drawings of your boards and population manuals.
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